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I don’t really like to introduce myself and usually let the amazing results I deliver speak for myself. But the marketing folks at needed my help – so here I am putting myself in front of you.

I’m the AI in and I’ve been battle-tested to deliver mind-blowing marketing results. Since launch, I’ve helped over 1,087 businesses 10x their revenue and 70x their lead generation, on average. From powering your strategic SMS marketing drip campaigns to rolling out personalized scheduled texts to the right people at the right time, I’m here to help you:

  • Acquire New Customers
  • Retain Already Existing Ones
  • Deliver Top-Notch Customer Support
  • Skyrocket Your Revenue
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Strategically Use SMS Marketing to Level Up Your Marketing Operations!


2-Way Conversations

Provide top-notch customer support and increase sales with’s Intelligent Two-Way Messaging.

Smart Text Scheduling

Plan, build, and schedule SMS with Smart Text Scheduling to put yourself in front of your audience at the right time.

Enterprise-Level Access

Let everyone within your company build, plan, collaborate on and run strategic SMS marketing campaigns with our streamlined infrastructure.

Multi-Platform Integration

Quickly integrate with over 100+ platforms, including Zapier, Mailchimp, Salesforce & HubSpot

Mass Texting

Send text messages or alerts to thousands of users in your list at the click of a button.

Smart Tracking

Make powerful and smart decisions and optimize your campaigns by tracking the right performance metrics with the all-powerful yet easy-to-use SMART analytics dashboard.
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How to Use Text Message Marketing to Promote Your Business

SMS ads are versatile, and you can leverage them to promote any business across every industry. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Real Estate

Time is of the essence in the real estate industry. Delays often result in missed business opportunities. Information about hot new properties and exciting offers often influence purchase decisions. And text messaging is the fastest way to inform customers about what’s hot in the market.

Adopt mobile marketing to send clients brochures of upcoming properties, share location details, and schedule meetings. Ensure your clients are up-to-date with our real estate oriented SMS solutions and help them make crucial purchasing decisions.

Text Recruiting

Recruitment processes reflect company culture, and it is important to make an exceptional first impression. Improve communications with personalised responses and have a leg up on your competition trying to hire the same talent. Provide an engaging candidate experience with our staffing and recruiting messaging solutions for influential word of mouth recommendations.

Retail Stores

SMS marketing is quite an effective retail marketing strategy and is widely used across the industry. Send customised messages reminding your audience about your products. Inform them of seasonal discounts and special promotions to keep customers coming back for more all year round! Text marketing is an excellent retargeting tool to introduce complementary products to existing customers.

Leverage our SMS marketing solutions for retail businesses to spread the word and send invites effectively. Remind clients that their promo code is due to expire and urge them to visit their nearest retail store. SMS marketing pairs exceptionally well with your email marketing strategies. Sending an SMS reminding your customers that a promo code in their inbox will expire in two days increases the email’s efficiency by 30%. So you can drive more sales and save money by spending less time and marketing budget on email!


The restaurant industry is an excellent example of how SMS messaging can shine. Whether takeaway or fine dining, text marketing for restaurants can raise brand awareness and nurture customer relationships.

Inform your customers about upcoming events or gather feedback using SMS ads. Remind them about happy hour discounts on certain days of the week. Customers love to input, so create opportunities to engage with your audience.

Tourism and Travel

Text messages have an extremely high read rate of 98%. Use our advanced SMS messaging tools for hotel bookings to your advantage and approach clients. Travelling hangs by a thread and involves several stages of planning, and when one of them fails, the rest will follow. Protect customers by helping them with itineraries, hotel bookings and transportation.

SMS is a highly effective way of informing clients about delayed or cancelled flights. Use text messaging to help clients relieve unnecessary stress. Use SMS to send clients interesting trivia about new destinations. Reminding customers of how badly they need a vacation is a simple yet effective self-promotional strategy.

Strategically Use SMS Marketing to Level Up Your Marketing Operations!

The success rate of SMS marketing messages is limited by the strategy behind them. Failing to formulate a killer SMS marketing campaign is a lost opportunity and could prove costly for your business.

Here’s how to create a comprehensive SMS campaign using just three winning strategies.

Create an Opt-In Strategy

Your first hurdle is getting people to sign up for your subscription list. There are several ways to tackle this problem.

  • Website Pop-Up – You can add a website pop-up to your homepage, urging website visitors to sign up for a special discount.
  • Checkout Notification – People share personal information during checkout. Use this to your advantage, collect phone numbers and ask permission to sign them up for the subscription list.
  • Email – Leverage your email list by sending subscribers a link to a landing page asking them to leave their contact details for SMS messaging.

Provide Exclusive Content

Send customers exclusive deals and promo codes via SMS messages. Such VIP services make patrons feel special, helping you develop a closer bond with customers and ultimately increasing CTRs and conversions.

Take your time and strategise exclusively for SMS advertising. Design promos and offers exclusively for new customers and highlight the message. When you ask them to sign up, clearly mention the unique benefits they’ll receive.

Send a Sequence of Messages

Automate your SMS marketing campaign to channel potential customers through the marketing funnel. Design and schedule a series of messages targeting users by behaviour. For instance, after a customer views a product, adds an item to the cart, or completes the transaction.

You can also schedule post-purchase reminders asking customers to share their feedback. By sending a series of marketing messages, you keep the business in the user’s mind organically and without intruding. Features

AI text messaging solutions aren’t just convenient for customers but are designed to give your business a competitive edge. Reach more people using personalised messages. Close more deals, track results, and follow up faster with advanced AI SMS marketing tools.

How AI-Powered SMS Marketing Is Different from Simple SMS Marketing

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of every industry, and SMS marketing is a part of it. The world’s top marketers have benefited from AI technologies for a while. And we’re here to show what you can get switching from old-school and AI-powered SMS marketing.

AI-Powered SMS Marketing 

+ Provides greater opportunities to create personalised campaigns.

+ Avoids human input and delivers error-free data.

+ Automate the process and predict customer behaviour with improved ROI metrics.

+ Utilise your resources better by improving your automation capabilities.

+ Save time and deliver better results with AI curated, high-quality content.

Simple SMS Marketing

– Restricts you from unleashing your SMS marketing with old-school parameters.

– More ways to make crucial mistakes despite your best efforts.

– Manual data analysis results in lower ROI. –

– Lack of automation wastes your company’s time and money.

– Requires manual content creation, which wastes time and is prone to human errors.

How to Send Bulk SMS

Sending bulk SMS with is simple. Upload your contact list, create custom messages, integrate interactive elements, and send. Bulk text messages help you reach a more specific audience that traditional marketing techniques cannot.

Create Your Contact List

Create a new contact list or upload an existing one on It’s a simple process, and the prompt will guide you the entire way. Upload the list of potential customers and move on to the next step.

Save the Draft

Create an attractive SMS ad campaign using interactive elements. Include personalised details to help the audience connect with your message.

Send the Message

Once you’re happy with the message, click send and instantly deliver your message. guarantees seamless connectivity at all times, so you don’t have to worry about the potential outreach.

Track Progress

Track your progress using’s advanced analytics, and measure results anytime. Log into your account, go to the dashboard, select your preferred parameters and view real-time updates.

SMS Text Messaging Reminders and Alerts

Quickly send messages to a set of users using our advanced text messaging alert and notifications feature. Employ our powerful in-house tools to conveniently and cheaply engage with your audience and advertise your business.

Save Time and Money

Save precious time and money using a text message alert system. Promote your products and services quickly and efficiently using text messages. There’s no need to mail promotional flyers that take days or even weeks to reach potential customers. Stop using conventional marketing campaigns and adopt cost-effective promotional strategies with SMS marketing platforms.

Improve Your Communication

With a 98% open rate, potential customers are more likely to see and respond to your messages. Alert your customers with new offers and remind them of existing promotions using the best SMS marketing tools. SMS messages are hard to ignore!

Have Greater Outreach

There are as many mobile devices as there are people in the world. Reach a broader audience than television or print marketing with text message campaigns and make your business known. Leverage the power of text messaging for internal communication to expand your business further.

Produce Better Content

Drive sales by sending personalised promos, reminders, updates, discounts, and notifications using SMS ads. Make your customers feel valued and appreciated with tailored content unique to them.

Get the Most out of MMS Picture Messaging for Your Business

Elevate your text messages with PDFs and images, and utilise the full potential of mobile devices. Reach a broader audience and deliver better customer satisfaction with MMS messages. Here are four ways you can leverage MMS for a better customer experience.

Provide Coupons and Promotions

Customers redeem SMS-delivered coupons more than any other coupon type. Enhance the user experience with pictures and videos and improve your coupon redemption rate up to 10x with MMS.

Deliver Branded Messages

Increase your brand recognition by improving your messages with images. Use MMS to send texts with your brand’s logo, theme, colour schemes and other visual elements.

Improve Personal Shopping

Leverage the power of MMS ads to offer assistance. Kick-start conversations with automated SMS, and if a customer requires pictures, deploy MMS to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Assist with Product Registration

Stop customers from ignoring your product registration reminders. MMS ensures an easy and effective way to remind and assist customers with product registration.

Immediate Message Delivery

SMS marketing is the most direct marketing channel today. Viewers read 98% of text messages and respond within the first three minutes. Increase the chances of instant sales and cultivate healthy relationships between your business and clients through open channel communications.


Text messages are the most personal form of business promotion. Compared to professional marketing and sales pitches, it helps people connect with your brand. Customise the content of your message using SMS messaging and directly send it to your customers.

Quick Feedback

People love to air their opinions, and you can leverage this behaviour with SMS campaigns. Initiate surveys using text messages and get instant feedback. Increase transparency and revise your business with easy to set up SMS marketing.

No Spam Filters

Unlike email marketing campaigns, you don’t ever have to worry about spam filters with SMS marketing. Utilise your investments fully and reach out to your audience every time you want to.


How to do SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing involves a long and complicated process best left to the experts, such as MMS integrations, personalised text messages, and data collection. To get the ultimate results from SMS, get in touch with

How long can a text message be?

At, we want you to deliver messages freely and clearly. Therefore, you can send long-form messages up to 918 characters.

How much does SMS marketing cost? follows a performance-based pricing model to ensure you achieve your goals and hit the KPIs. So, start your free trial today. We guarantee transparent pricing, so you pay as you go without worrying about pesky hidden costs and annoying annual contracts. To get more details, get in touch with our team.

What are the best practices of SMS marketing?

At, we respect your audience and care for your business. That’s why we employ the best practices in the industry. get the viewer’s permission before signing them up for your list so that no harm comes to your brand image. We go the extra mile to create positive brand associations. Don’t believe us? Check our testimonials to learn more.

What does it mean to opt-in?

Your audience must be subscribed to an SMS list to automatically receive text notifications and promotions. The subscription process is also called opt-in. Customers that choose to opt-in for SMS notifications want to receive promotional messages.

What does it mean to opt-out?

Clients who don’t want to receive text messages and other promotions and reminders must opt-out of your SMS list. Choosing to opt-out automatically prevents future messages from being sent to their phone numbers.

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Plan & Run Results-Driven SMS Drip Campaigns

Want to send a reminder text to cart abandoners? Or “Welcome Onboard” SMS after every successful sign-up? You don’t need to do it manually anymore. allows businesses to automate their end-to-end SMS marketing with the ability to plan and run results-driven SMS drip campaigns.


Never Let Your Prospects & Customers Wait for Answers

These days, people don’t like to wait. And if they don’t get answers to their queries on time, they would not mind switching to one of your competitors. Don’t let your prospects and customers wait anymore!

Whether it’s a question related to one of your products or services or maybe they just want to dive deeper into your pricing structure, tap into’s powerful AI responder that’ll automatically fetch relevant answers to your audience’s questions.


Track Campaign Results with the All-Powerful Analytics Dashboard

Access the all-powerful yet easy-to-use analytics dashboard to gain insights into what’s working and what’s not. From real conversation flows to performance metrics to AI-based recommendations, allows business owners, marketing heads, and C-level executives to build strategic and insightful reports to streamline their decision-making process.


Access From Anywhere & Anytime

Say no more to having to stay late in the office just because your boss asked you to fetch the daily SMS marketing performance report at 11:59 PM. allows you to access and manage your campaigns from anywhere, all thanks to its reliable and enhanced cloud-based integration.

Level Up Your Marketing Efforts with Smart SMS Marketing

We’ve helped 10,000+ businesses scale their operations and skyrocket their revenue by helping them strategically tap into SMS marketing.

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