Textback offers a possibility to open the conversation with a possible customer or a lead through voice call, and not only human calls, but with Voice AI. Voice call is even more persuasive than traditional SMS and Textback is now renewing its portfolio by a revolutionary marketing method with Voice AI.

Textback allows your business to do an automated mass calling and validate leads over the phone with Voice AI for further action. Responsive calls for surveys, validation and sales. Reach thousands of customers by a click of a button.

Through VoIP you have access to call to your leads with prerecorded audio messages and clear them to your funnel with Voice AI. This allows:

  1. Interactive phone calls with your audience
  2. Make a research of their real interests
  3. Validate a lead
  4. Get clearance to send marketing materials
  5. Capture your leads to your sales funnel
  6. Infinite instant scaling