About Us

At Textback.ai, we’ve been at the heart of the digital revolution for years. We’ve been helping businesses tap into the power of digital since 2020.

We’re marketers at heart. Throughout our years as marketers, one BIG thing we noticed is how hard businesses are trying to put themselves in front of their prospects and customers. And the bad part is – they are targeting the wrong channels.

For example, the average email open rate stands at 16.97%. On the other hand, the average open rate of a text message is a staggering 99%. Despite such a huge difference, we’re witnessing an ever-increasing number of marketers, businesses, and advertisers prioritizing email marketing or social media marketing over SMS marketing.

And that’s where we come in.

We believe SMS marketing is the future of marketing. Investing in SMS marketing right now is just like investing in Bitcoin in 2010.

Become an early adopter before it goes mainstream!

Textback.ai is the most advanced and battle-tested smart SMS messaging platform with its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. What started off as a 2-man company has now evolved into a 24-people organization with a remote working environment. We operate mainly across North America and Asia.

From mass texting to SMS automation to long-form messaging, we’ve been helping businesses level up their marketing efforts with our patented AI-powered solution.

Our Vision
Our vision is to build a world without any communication gap between businesses and their audience.
Our Mission
We don't want to be just another one of those boring SMS marketing platforms. Instead, we want to be your strategic partners that help you strategically connect with your audience.
Our Goal
Our goal is to help businesses eradicate the communication gap, engage with their customers, increase sales, boost customer retention and deliver a personalized experience.

Level Up Your Marketing Efforts with Smart SMS Marketing

We’ve helped thousands of businesses scale their operations and skyrocket their revenue by helping them strategically tap into SMS marketing.

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