sms marketing in germany

SMS mass marketing and 2-way SMS marketing has come increasingly popular in Europe and Germany is not an exception. Mobile phone usage has definitely increased worldwide, and SMS plays an important role in business organizations to promote their products and services to these mobile owners. Every business, be it small or large, can reap the benefits of SMS marketing.

For implementing this marketing campaign for your Germany-based business or for German customers, you must choose a service provider who understands the applicable laws and regulations of this country. Here are certain compliance requirements that you must be aware of.

SMS Marketing Laws and Rules in Germany

General Data Protection Regulation governs electronic marketing laws in Germany. The key points of this GDPR are-

  • The organizations must obtain the express consent of the consumers through opt-in mechanisms like filling the consent form on a website, ticking a checkbox to give consent for sending future communications, or signing of a statement. Obtaining consent is of the utmost importance. If an organization sends unsolicited marketing communication to a customer who has not opted-in, it may result in a fine.
  • Customers have the unconditional right to object to any type of direct marketing at any time.
  • This opt-in requirement does not apply to existing customers who are sent the text messages concerning the same products or services they had purchased from the organization in the past.
  • The exemption of opt-in requirements is subject to certain conditions such as-
  • The consumer has not opt-out,
  • The consumer has been informed prior to sending the first message that they have the right to opt-out, and
  • The consumer has the right to opt-out at any time after receiving any marketing text. The exemption from opt-out applies to electronic mails and electronic messages but does not apply to fax.
  • The identity of the sender must be clear and should not be disguised in any manner.

There was a time when SMS was the most technologically advanced way of communication. Since the advent of messenger apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. SMS is not a preferred platform for private communication. But businesses are not ready to let go of this communication channel. SMS marketing plays a very crucial role in marketing strategies. As an organization, you must know the reasons why SMS marketing works.

  • More than 40% of the Germans have the tendency to look at their phones after 15 minutes of waking up.
  • An average German checks his phone at least 56 times a day.
  • The opening rate of SMS in Germany is 82.1% as compared to that of email whose opening rate is 24%.
  • SMS works for every handheld mobile device. Thus, a consumer does not even need to have a Smartphone.

These statistics prove the importance of SMS in people’s lives and how it has been made useful for business communication.

Why Your Business Needs A SMS Marketing Strategy?

Implementing an SMS marketing strategy in business accrues several benefits like-

  • People click on an SMS-delivered link more than one delivered through other formal channels. Thus, it has a high-conversion rate.
  • SMS does not have to wait for an internet connection. It reaches to its destination within seconds even when sent to a different part of the globe.
  • SMS provides a larger reach to your business as it does not require an internet connection, thus one who has a phone can be targeted.
  • SMS marketing regulations are a bit strict. A customer receives a message only if he wants to. He can opt-out at any time by simply sending a message to the shortcode. It gives the customers a feeling of power that they have the option.
  • SMS marketing is so inexpensive that even smaller businesses can afford it. In terms of cost, it defeats television ads, print media, billboards, etc.
  • A text message has limited 160 characters that you need to use properly in order to strike customers with something they can’t deny. It creates a lasting impression on users and has proved to be very reliable for sending promotions, discounts, offers, deals, reminders, alerts, emergencies, etc.

After keeping in mind all these benefits, regulations, and statistics, you need to sit back, think, and plan an effective marketing strategy with these sms campaigns and possible 2-ways conversational personalized SMS flows. Let help you to plan and execute your SMS strategy for you.