Reach Your Audience Instantly by Sending Mass Text Messages

Group texting service for churches can help your ministry follow up with guests, send announcements, and grow your attendance.


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Why Use a Text Messaging Service for Churches?

Thriving churches use texting because it’s a powerful, proven way to connect with congregations. People want to text and connect with their religious community. Just look at the numbers.

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If you want to make sure your messages get read, send them by SMS. Our mass texting SMS service allows churches, ministries, and other religious organizations to deliver important messages to their congregations or supporters.

invite more people to your events

Mass Text Messaging Service for Churches

Increase Attendance at Your Church Events

Sometimes a newsletter just isn’t enough. Send automated text message announcements about upcoming sermons, bible studies, mission trips, and other events.

  •  Bring more members of your community together
  •  Notify volunteers and church staff of schedule changes
  •  Reach specific ministries or everyone at once
Gather Contact Info from Guests

Text To Join

Quickly Gather Contact Info from Guests

Build your list of phone numbers easily! Ask people to text a unique keyword to an easy-to-remember, 6-digit number. (e.g. Text FAITH)

  •  Create a memorable text-to-join word
  •  Automatically ask members for their emails
  •  Sync emails with Mailchimp and other platforms
Follow Up with your Visitors

Automated Text Messages

Effortlessly Follow Up with Visitors

Make your first-time guests feel cared for. Automatically send them welcome messages and more info about your services.

  •  Turn first-time visitors into regulars
  •  Increase member retention and participation
  •  Send staff reminders to connect with guests
Create Deeper Relationships

Two Way Text Messaging

Foster Deeper Relationships

Thriving churches are built on real connections. Have 1-on-1 conversations with members from our user-friendly Inbox.

  •  Instantly see replies to your announcements
  •  Receive incoming texts from members for free
  •  Create a safe, secure channel for questions

Church Leaders Love TextBack Ai

Join some of these religious organizations who are already sharing text messages with thousands of disciples.

testimonials from churches at using SMS

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