Engage in Powerful 2-Way Conversations or Send Bulk Texts at the Click of a Button


2-Way Conversations

Provide top-notch customer support, address customer queries, and increase sales with Textback.ai’s Intelligent Two-Way Messaging.

Mass Texting

Send text messages or alerts to thousands of users in your list at the click of a button.

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Tap into the Unbelievable Potential of SMS Automation!


Smart Text Scheduling

Put yourself in front of the right people at the right time, even when you're not available. Harness the full force of Smart Text Scheduling to plan, build and schedule SMS way ahead of time.

Smart Triggers

We understand that your prospects and customers are at different stages of their buyers' journeys. Whether you want to respond to your customer queries or reach out to cart abandoners, you can build highly-strategic campaigns for the best possible results.


Engage your audience with a series of texts automatically rolled out over a specific time period..

Automated Event Messages

Whether you want to wish your customers on their birthdays or send them a heartfelt "Happy Holidays" text, you can set up event-based campaigns to win your customers' hearts.

We Value Your Data & Privacy!


Secure Text Messaging

We care about your data! That’s the reason all our services and sites are secured with HTTPS/SSL. Your accounts, messages, and contacts are backed up by our servers at all times.

Laser-focused on Privacy

Your data and privacy will always be at the top of our priority list. We’ll never share any of your data. Additionally, you can always go ahead and delete all your data within a few clicks.

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Go Global with Textback!


Global SMS Coverage

Want to reach out to your customers or staff members based in the UK? Or Japan? With Textback.ai, you can reach out to customers across 190+ countries at the click of a button.

Long Unicode SMS Texts Support

Textback.ai allows you and your staff members to send Unicode text messages up to 402 characters in length.

Send & Receive Texts in Almost All Local Languages!

We've trained our AI to adapt to and roll out as well as receive SMS messages in just about any language and alphabet in the world.

Dedicated Application for Both Android & iOS Devices

Build lists, send and receive text messages, and build strategic campaigns from within our dedicated mobile application available on both iOS and Android devices.

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses Globally

With Us, You Won't Be Bound to the 160-character Limit


Long-Form Messaging

Growing frustrated of the 160-character limit? Say no more! We’ll not bound you to the 160-character limit. You can use Textback.ai to send long-form text messages up to 918 characters in length.

MMS Marketing

Enhance your text messages with the ability to add attachments like product images, word files, PDF files, images, and more.

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The Best SMS Marketing Platform for Businesses of Any Size!


Smart Enterprise SMS Solutions

Textback.ai offers smart enterprise-level SMS solutions, including role-based access, audit logs, two-factor authentication, SSO, and more to help businesses grow and steer them in the right direction.

Build Unlimited Sub-Accounts

Build as many sub-accounts as you want to. Give or revoke access, assign admin rights to users, add unlimited users, distribute account credit, collaborate with your team members, and have complete control with Textback.ai

Smart Incoming SMS Automation

Build strategic drip campaigns and automatic rules with smart incoming SMS automation. No more having to worry about manually adding subscribers to your list and rolling out individual replies.

Single Sign-On!

Secure Textback.ai access with our secure identity provider credentials to protect your data and privacy.

Add Two-Factor Authentication!

Want to authenticate users logging in to your application? Or trying to perform some kind of critical activity? You can add two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your application.

Build Interactive SMS Surveys!

Want to know if something is working or not? You can build interactive SMS surveys and get valuable feedback from your customers or from just about anyone by rolling our SMS surveys to your list within a click of a button.

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Track Campaign Results and Make Powerful Decisions with Our Advanced Analytics Dashboard


Live Delivery Reports

For every campaign you run and every SMS you send, you'll be provided with a live delivery report.

Monthly Email Report

Track your organization's monthly account summary delivered straight to your mailbox.

Enterprise-Level Tracking

Gain insights into different campaigns being run by different sub-accounts right from within Textback.ai to fuel your decision-making.

Complete Control Over Your SMS Marketing Costs

Not only can you distribute credits through your main account, but you can also monitor all costs associated with different sub-accounts to optimize your marketing budget.

You're Minutes Away From Sending Your First SMS!

Don’t settle for a budget-draining, poor-quality software. Put your business on hyper-growth mode and 10x your revenue starting today!

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