10-digit long code or 10DLC messaging services are an essential tool for SMS marketing. The technology is primarily used for business texting, and its influence is projected to grow substantially in the upcoming years. As SMS short codes are slowly getting obsolete, 10DLC is the new industry standard for sending bulk messages.

Previously, 10DLC numbers were reserved for person-to-person (P2P) messaging. Thanks to application-to-person (A2P) 10DLC integration, businesses can access higher messaging throughput. In simple terms, you can send more messages on 10DLC per minute compared to traditional 10-digit numbers. This makes 10DLC an attractive option for business text messaging.

10DLC is the perfect replacement for shared short codes and mitigates the risk of spam-like text messages. A2P 10DLC is also cheaper than dedicated short codes, making it the optimal choice.

Mobile carriers rely on an independent agency called The Campaign Registry (TCR) for brand and campaign registration. This central database validates the identity and reputation of brands and campaigns. 

What is 10DLC?

10-Digit Long Code is a messaging solution that allows businesses to send bulk texts to customers from a local number. 10DLC is the new industry-led long code solution for A2P communications in North America. 

All major US carriers require businesses to register long codes for sending bulk texts. If you’re not working with a 10DLC-approved long code service provider, your SMS strategies are severely limited. You must register your business and campaigns with TCR to enjoy a higher A2P 10DLC text throughput rate.

Here are some of the primary uses of A2P 10DLC messaging.

  • Customer support
  • Production or service updates
  • Appointment reminders
  • Direct interactions
  • Surveys and customer feedback

10DLC messaging has its fair share of downsides too.

  • No delivery receipts
  • Lower throughput depending on the scenario

Benefits of Using 10DLC

A2P 10DLC is designed to help audiences determine the authenticity of business text messages by verifying the brand’s identity. Industry leaders work hard to stay ahead of the competition, leveraging every foothold to attract new customers and appease the existing clientele.

Long code marketing messages help businesses maximize outreach. Let’s take a closer look at the competitive advantages of A2P 10DLC.

Compliance and Deliverability

All US carriers have switched to A2P 10DLC messaging. Traditional long code numbers aren’t allowed for business texting anymore, so mobile carriers can block bulk texts that don’t comply with TCR regulations.

With the approval of 10DLC for business texting, SMS deliverability improved drastically. By switching to A2P SMS messaging, your messages have a higher chance of reaching the audience than competitors still using short codes.

Easy Campaign Tracking

10DLC tracks marketing campaigns effortlessly compared to dedicated short codes. Keyword usage is severely impacted by shared short codes, like businesses using a specific keyword cause overlaps.

Long codes mitigate the problem as dedicated keywords are easier to assign and track. Get a head start on your competition with A2P 10DLC marketing campaigns.

Improved Brand Recognition

Business phone numbers are a brand’s identity. By using a 10-digit long code with a local area code, brands shape their identity and beat competitors relying on shared short codes for bulk messages. 

Higher Throughput Rates

10DLC offers higher throughput rates if you register your company directly through TCR or its partners. Your brand receives a trust score based on the information available. Businesses with higher trust scores earn higher throughput rates than brands with lower trust scores. 


10DLC numbers are cheaper than dedicated short codes, resulting in massive savings in the long run. Utilize every available resource wisely to thrive in a competitive market. Generate additional funds for use in another region by saving money in one area.

How Much Does 10DLC Cost?

Pricing for A2P 10DLC can be separated into two categories – registration fees and message carrier fees. Registration fees apply during brand registration, while carriers pay fees for sending business messages. At Texback.ai, we guarantee no additional charges on top of the fees mobile carriers collect. So you can be rest assured knowing that you have more money left to spend on marketing.

Carrier fees apply to inbound and outbound messages for T-Mobile and Sprint, and just outbound messages for other carriers. Here’s a breakup of the costs:

10DLC Registration Fees

  • Brand Registration – $4
  • Campaign Registration – $50 for a one-time registration
  • Monthly Expense – $2-$10 per month, depending on the campaign

10DLC Carrier Fees

  • Verizon Wireless charges $0.00255 for an outbound SMS, while inbound texts are free. Outbound MMS are billed at $0.0052, while inbound messages are complimentary.
  • US Cellular charges $0.005 for an outbound SMS, while inbound texts are free. Outbound MMS are billed at $0.01, while inbound messages are complimentary.
  • T-Mobile charges $0.003 for both inbound and outbound SMS and $0.01 for MMS.
  • AT&T charges $0.02 to send and receive SMS and $0.0035 for inbound and outbound MMS.

How to Get Started with 10DLC

The Campaign Registry is the centralized hub for A2P business campaigns. You must register your business with TCR before sending messages via 10DLC. 

Textback.ai connects your business directly with the TCR database. TCR charges a one-time fee to register your business and a subsequent fee for individual campaign registrations.

Setting up a 10DLC business number is simple. Follow these steps to get your 10DLC long code today.

Obtain Your Trust Score

Submit detailed information about your business to earn a trust score from TCR. Trust score ranges between 1 and 100. The higher you keep the trust score, the better its benefits for your business will be. 

Enable Text Messages

Enable texting on existing numbers or select a local area code to get a new business number for texting.

Send and Receive Messages

Send bulk messages or text customers individually using your 10DLC. Unlock advanced features like MMS and automated texts to stay connected with your audience.

How to Measure 10DLC Trustworthiness

Your brand’s trust rating depends on specific criteria related to the company. Carriers use this information to determine the throughput of daily messaging limits or message segments per second.

Higher trust scores result in higher throughput limits and daily messaging caps.

The TPS for non-spam messages is generally higher for 10DLC numbers. You can expect up to 30 TPS with 10DLC instead of 1TPS for P2P long codes. You don’t need to get a brand score while registering with TRC. You’ll just be in the lower tiers for most US carriers.

If you wish to rank higher, get your brand vetted before registration. A standard vet is similar to a credit check. You must submit your brand name, tax ID, and address as mentioned on your tax filing. Failing to be thorough can impact the score.

Enhanced vets dig deeper into your organization, business practices, owners, lawsuits, etc. There is no guarantee that an Enhanced vet will boost your score.

Textback Can Help You with 10DLC Registration, Let’s See How…

Log into your Textback account to start the 10DLC registration process. Send us detailed information about your business, and we’ll deal with TCR on your behalf. Once the registration is complete, you won’t receive unwanted downtimes unless your texts are marked as spam.

While our experts take every precaution to ensure that your business texts aren’t marked as spam, you must follow best practices to mitigate downtime.

  • Don’t send bulk messages containing shortened URLs.
  • Never end a text with a link.
  • Avoid sending the full link starting with “HTTPS://”
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS in the content.
  • Avoid using special characters.
  • Limit texts to 160 characters.
  • Don’t send the exact text to the same contact list twice.
  • Avoid spelling and punctuation errors.

Each of these is a major red flag in high-volume messaging. While you might get away a few times, repeat offenders are bound to be penalized. So, keep these in mind while composing bulk messages. 

Textback.ai is the most powerful all-in-one SMS marketing tool on the internet. Not only does Textback helps set up the unique 10-digit long code for your business, but also our experts stay by your side through every step of the journey. Level up your business texting game by leveraging the most feature-packed, user-friendly, and streamlined text messaging platform.

Features and Capabilities of 10DLC

While 10DLC and short codes are equally popular for business texting, the former has the upper hand. Let’s delve deeper into the features and capabilities of 10-digit long codes to understand the reason behind their superiority.

Doesn’t Require a Separate Number

A 10DLC functions like a regular business number, unlike short codes requiring a separate number for mass texting. For instance, you can use a single 10-digit long code for your real estate business, remind your customers of an upcoming appointment, or ask for feedback.


10-digit long codes work just like regular phone numbers. This means you can use a single business number for texting, voice calls, or sending faxes at no additional cost.

Private Number

Unlike short codes, multiple businesses don’t share a 10DLC. Meaning, your business number is unique to you and is less likely to be used by another company, reducing the chances of being marked as spam.


10DLC offers pay-per-message plans just like a standard phone number. Short codes, however, are only available on expensive monthly rentals. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for using keywords, further lowering your expenses.

What Are the Requirements to Use 10DLC?

The US Wireless Communications Industry sets guidelines for A2P traffic (CTIA). Every brand sending A2P bulk messages is subject to FCC’s TCPA regulations. Failure to comply might result in suspension or a permanent ban.

Carriers can include additional rules and regulations beyond the CTIA and FCC TCPA guidelines. Going through the unique requirements ensures successful message delivery on a network. To understand best practices in the mobile ecosystem, we recommend reading the CTIA best practices.

You need the following information to register your business for A2P 10DLC.

Business Details

  • Brand name
  • Physical Address (Street, City, State/Province/Region, Postal Code, Country)
  • Business Identity (Partner/Reseller/ISV, Direct Customer, etc.)
  • Business Type (LLC/Non-Profit/Partnership/Sole Proprietorship/Corporation/CO-Operative)
  • Company Status (Private/Public)
  • Registration Number, Tax EIN, and Type Business License or DUNS)
  • Regions of Operation
  • Website
  • Industry

Points of Contact

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Title
  • Job Position (CEO/CFO/VP/Director/GM/General Counsel)

Why Is 10DLC Important for Your Business Text Marketing

10DLC SMS offers several advantages over traditional messaging services. Let’s analyze the reasons behind 10DLC’s superiority in business text marketing.

Brand Identity

People are familiar with long codes as they receive messages from friends and family from local area codes. Business texting via long codes increases your chances of interacting with customers. Just make sure your messages are personally engaging and don’t seem like blatant promotion.

More Texts

Local and toll-free numbers don’t allow businesses to send messages in bulk over a stipulated figure. They only allow up to 100 notifications per day at a speed of around one message per second. 10DLC does a much better job sending bulk SMS, making it perfect for enterprise use.

Why 10DLC Is the Best Among All A2P Text Messaging Options 

10-digit long codes offer several advantages over other A2P messaging options, making them the perfect fit for enterprise solutions. For starters, they’re cheaper to lease than dedicated short codes despite sharing identical features. And while brands must get vetted for 10DLC registration, the process takes between three and five business days compared to 1-6 weeks for short codes.

Each messaging option has pros and cons. One could be better suited for your business than the rest. If you’re wondering which messaging option works best for your company, let’s take a close look at each one to understand the differences.

Short Codes

A short code is a phone number between five and six characters (sometimes eight) to send and receive text messages. North American businesses rely on short codes to send marketing communication to customers and collect feedback.

Companies can lease a dedicated short code from any major US carrier, but the process is lengthy and expensive. Hence, small and mid-sized businesses rely on shared short codes. But sharing a business number with another brand has its downsides.

Multiple companies use a single short code to promote their brand, so text messages sent on shared short codes are often spammy. Because you cannot control other brands’ content, it can really damage your reputation. Take control of your brand’s identity by switching to 10DLC messaging.

Toll-Free Long Codes

Companies often use dedicated toll-free long codes for business texting. Like 10DLC, toll-free long codes are a flexible messaging option with a simple vetting process. These numbers are only ideal for low to mid-volume A2P messaging and are limited to speeds of 10 messages/sec.

This is fine if your texting requirements aren’t heavy. However, if you use a dedicated short code for texting and are looking to switch, toll-free long codes aren’t the best since the limits are significantly lower.

10DLC offers the best of both worlds. You can send up to 75 messages per second if your company has a high trust score. And your company can use these numbers for both A2P and P2P texting. Stop being limited by the number of messages you can send, and help your business shine among the competitor’s messages.

Local Long Codes

Local long codes are extremely popular with small businesses as they’re cheaper to lease and don’t involve brand and campaign vetting. This is because local long codes aren’t designed for business texting, let alone A2P messaging!

Local long codes are only suited for P2P messaging and miss several crucial features for business texting. For starters, these numbers have a nominal throughput rate of 1 message per second, which fails spectacularly compared to its competitors.

Local long codes are neither endorsed by US carriers nor approved for business texting by the CTIA, so we cannot recommend using these numbers for A2P texting. 10DLC is the perfect replacement for local long codes as these numbers use a local area code and offer a much higher message throughput rate. Get on with the times and reap the benefits of all that 10DLC can offer.


10-digit long codes are the perfect fit for small and mid-sized businesses looking for A2P messaging solutions. Since these numbers replicate local long codes, they help companies build a rapport with customers who’re used to receiving messages from friends and families with 10-digit numbers

Apart from messages, 10DLC numbers support voice calling. So, you can channel your marketing efforts using the same number. Because everything is concentrated using a single 10DLC, it reduces the chance of having complications, allowing your customers the flexibility to text or call back at their convenience.

Since every business gets a dedicated 10DLC number, they also get unique keywords as well, making campaigns easy to track. 10-digit long numbers ensure transparent communication between companies and their audience and prevent spam by regulating business texts.

As the TCR requires brands and campaigns to register before allowing them to send any promotional materials, mobile carriers know who everyone is and what they are sending, reducing the likelihood of spam texts considerably. 10DLC is the best choice for brands that want to be perceived as having a premium product and a service provider.


What is 10DLC texting?

10DLC is the most common and affordable A2P solution for business texting. 10DLC texting removes manual labor, helping companies send mass texts from a dedicated business number. 10DLC numbers can send bulk SMS and MMS to customers like dedicated short codes but at a fraction of the price.

Should I register 10DLC?

10DLC numbers are ideal for companies sending high text volumes on a budget. 10DLC covers the middle ground between toll-free long codes and short codes. If you’re curious about the type of business number you need, book an appointment with us today.

How can I register for 10DLC?

A2P 10DLC registrations are available on Textback.ai. Customers who send over 3,000 messages daily must register their business with TRC. Kindly get in touch with our support staff for more information.

How long does 10DLC registration take?

Registrations typically take a few hours if you provide the required information. In the event of a discrepancy, manual intervention may be required for Second Vetting, and the process can take up to seven days.

What happens if I don’t register for 10DLC?

You can continue using a 10DLC number without vetting. However, increased message filtering and higher costs are some of the primary downsides. We recommend vetting your business for the best experience.

How much is the 10DLC registration fee?

For details on registration costs and carrier charges associated with A2P 10DLC messaging, please get in touch with our experts today!