Several industries have recognized the immense SMS marketing benefits in business communication, but the true potential of SMS marketing is yet to be realized. Text messages were, until recently, used primarily for personal communication. However, as the world went through a pandemic, companies started discovering the future uses of SMS messaging as a marketing tool.

Although text messaging is the most personal form of communication, companies are yet to harness its full potential. Quick delivery and high open rates are among the top SMS marketing offers. That’s not all! Text messaging can help attract new customers, retain existing ones, and deliver urgent transactional messages.

10 Benefits of SMS Marketing You Should Know About

SMS marketing offers high deliverability, customer engagement, and revenue. It’s among the most convenient channels for customer interaction and the preferred medium of communication for most of the audience.

Text message strategies seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing efforts forming an omnichannel campaign that promises a higher ROI. Moreover, it’s an excellent tool for marketing automation. So, if you aren’t already using text message marketing, you should definitely prioritize it.

These are only the top ten reasons marketers should leverage SMS marketing and its strategic promotional tools to engage customers. If you want to learn more, book a demo with our experts!

High Open Rates

Text messages have a higher open rate compared to other marketing channels. In fact, 98% of all texts are likely to be opened within the first 15 minutes. This is a significant advantage compared to emails, push notifications or even phone calls.

Customers are more likely to read the contents of a text message than consider answering phone calls. So, if you want to reach out to new and existing customers, phone calls are not the way to go.

While emails get lost in the spam folder, push notifications aren’t ideal for conveying important information. Leverage SMS marketing to communicate an urgent message to your customer without wasting time.

SMS Is Fast and Direct

Brevity is one of the most vital traits of text messages and is beneficial for both the advertiser and the customer as it saves everyone’s time. Unlike emails, text messages are limited to 160 characters, meaning your message must be concise and precise to impact your audience.

Since text messages are direct, they are more likely to get your message across to the reader quickly. SMS messages are less intrusive than phone calls, so you know your messages always reach their destination.

Small businesses benefit immensely from SMS as planning and implementing a text message strategy is convenient and takes much less time than traditional advertising. Reach your audience quickly and efficiently by adopting the most direct marketing method and start engaging your customers today.

Conversion Rate of Well-Optimized SMS Marketing Is Awesome!

There is no substituting for the high conversion rate of SMS marketing. Text messages convert better than other conventional marketing channels. People are more likely to try your products or services if you promote your business using SMS messages.

Knowing the conversion rate allows you to calculate your ROI and determine the cost per customer. Use Textback’s analytic tools to identify underperforming campaigns and steer your text message marketing efforts toward higher returns.


Text marketing is affordable, making it the perfect fit for established and emerging businesses. Sending marketing messages in bulk is cheaper than placing banner ads, running email campaigns, social media promotions, etc.

While the prices may vary, each SMS only costs a few cents. Bulk message carriers offer additional discounts, further reducing your marketing budget. Considering the high impact of text messages on the target audience, it’s an excellent value proposition for startups and emerging businesses. Combined with our Performance Based Pricing, you are guaranteed that every cent you spend is a message seen by your customers.

It Increases Customer Loyalty

The problem with email marketing is that your audience’s inbox is overwhelmed with promotional messages. SMS marketing solves this problem with bespoke messages tuned to your audience’s preferences. Generate interest and make customers loyal to your brand over time.

Send informative and promotional texts to your SMS subscribers periodically to keep them interested in your brand and make them feel valued. Every little effort goes a long way in gaining your customers’ trust. Don’t be shy when handing out coupons and promotions. Remember, the more your give, the higher your returns.

Popularity Across All Age Groups

Almost every adult today uses a mobile phone, if not a smartphone. Using text messages to run targeted campaigns is an excellent way of boosting outreach and customer engagement.

Most businesses today use SMS marketing to inform customers about offers and other important updates. With the heightened use of mobile phones, text messaging is nothing short of a goldmine for business texting.

Leverage the widespread use of mobile phones to reach a broad demographic regardless of age, social stature, education, spending habits, etc. Widen your target audience for greater outreach.

SMS Marketing Is Measurable

Track the ROI, customer engagement, and delivery rates through SMS marketing tools for higher conversion. Utilize these details to plan upcoming marketing strategies and fine-tune the right audience for a more significant response. provides metrics like detailed graphical analytics, real-time data, timestamps, and message delivery status to your advantage to better understand your target audience and adjust future campaigns accordingly. This doesn’t just save valuable resources but helps categorize customers based on who is least likely to respond.

It Doesn’t Require Designing and Graphics

Simple text messages are best suited for sending urgent messages like OTP, payment confirmations, delivery updates, etc. They do the job without fancy graphics and animations, which keeps the costs down.

SMS marketing is flexible and can be used to share coupon codes, announce an upcoming sale, provide discounts, send reminders, and much more. Get creative with your messages for the potential to go viral and reach more people.


As people spend more time on mobile devices, SMS marketing makes sense. 83.72% of the global population owns a mobile phone as of 2022. And the figures are only projected to rise. Text marketing is what you need to stay ahead of the game for your businesses.

Text message marketing is ideal for business communication as it’s accessible from any cell phone. Customers don’t need fancy smartphones with an active data plan or wi-fi to receive your messages. This is a blessing for marketers because no other method has the same potential to reach everyone all at once.

Considerable Engagement Rate

SMS marketing is an exceptional tool when it comes to customer engagement. It lets you reach out to the audience directly and forms a close bond with them.

Generates sales and improves conversions by informing customers about your latest products or services with text message marketing. Specially crafted text messages are crucial for connecting with your audience and making them feel valued.

Text message marketing aims to make your brand accessible to customers. Your business must feel like an extension of their lives instead of that one store they occasionally visit. Send a text reminding your audience of your brand with auto-reminder tools.

Very Easy to Customize

SMS marketing is a flexible, customizable, and affordable way of segmenting your audience based on location, preference, and numerous other parameters. Turn on a campaign or switch it off based on the response rate and save money for future promotions. Experiment with messages to avoid boring the audience.

Audiences identify brands through customized text messages and willingly reply to messages. Mix and match your content to prevent things from getting monotonous. Make things interesting for your customers by handing out free coupons, announcing an upcoming sale, sharing business news, or promoting a new product or service.

Opt-In and Opt-Out Options

Every successful SMS marketing campaign must have an opt-in/opt-out option. Customers can choose whether they want to be a part of your SMS list and for how long. This simple feature is essential for gaining customers’ trust since they have a way out.

While it may seem counterproductive, giving customers the option to opt-out of mobile marketing messages is better. Knowing they can opt-out messages later, they are more likely to opt in for campaigns.

Lets You Attract New Customers

Let’s face it! Building an SMS subscription list takes time and patience. However, rushing through the process is bad, especially if you want to create an organic list of subscribers. But once you have a sizeable audience, text message marketing can attract new customers more efficiently than any conventional marketing service.

SMS marketing has a much higher conversion rate than email marketing, telephone calls, banner ads, social media campaigns, etc. Use the marketing tool to your advantage by generating interest in your brand and turning prospects into loyal customers.

How Does Textback Help You to Get Use of SMS Marketing Benefits

As with any marketing strategy, you must follow several best practices to implement SMS marketing into your business successfully. It may take a while to get things in order. However, with some help and a bit of practice, your will overcome every challenge. streamlines SMS integration with your existing marketing strategies. This way, you can personally connect with customers to build rapport and brand loyalty. Our advanced SMS marketing tools are beginner-friendly and promise higher conversion rates and engagement while complimenting your existing marketing efforts.

For best results, keep your marketing messages precise and add a personal touch. Don’t forget to create custom offers every once in a while to entice your audience. And most importantly, always ask for your customers’ permission before sending promotional text messages.

Keep the following best practices in mind while texting customers for the best results.

  • Allow your audience to opt in and out of your SMS subscription list.
  • Research your target audience and customize the content based on their preferences.
  • Schedule the texts during business hours on weekdays.
  • Don’t overstep by spamming your audience.
  • Track your progress and fine-tune your campaign for better results.
  • Comply with regional and international laws.

Our customer support executives will be happy to accommodate your questions. Feel free to get in touch for more information.


How often should I text customers?

You should not text customers more than three times per month, especially if you’re still building or nurturing a new subscription list. Avoid sending the same messages twice. Rephrase your content to keep the audience interested.

What time of day is best for sending business texts?

Schedule all branded content for business hours during the week. Avoid sending business texts at odd hours or during the weekend. Otherwise, you risk alienating your customers.

What is the ideal length of an SMS copy?

Text messages are capped at 160 characters, so you must stick to the limit for maximum impact. Longer text messages are split into multiple messages of 153 characters. This is distracting and sends out an unprofessional vibe. Ensure to always keep your marketing messages below 160 characters for better returns.

How do I get people to sign up for my SMS list?

You can ask existing customers to opt-in for your subscription list. Don’t forget to get their explicit permission before signing them up. You can also share your SMS shortcode or add QR codes for registration on your website, social media banner texts, and other existing campaigns.

How do I integrate my SMS campaigns with other marketing campaigns?

You can integrate your SMS marketing campaign with existing campaigns using’s marketing automation tools. Our dedicated marketing solutions follow an integrated marketing approach designed to boost your omnichannel campaigns.