SMS property management solutions can make your life as a landlord or property manager easy and seamless. For one thing, it lets you communicate with your tenants easily and efficiently, allowing you to achieve your desired results. 

But property owners and landlords aren’t the only ones who benefit from SMS properties messaging; your tenants can also benefit from it if given access. It’s more efficient and faster. And as studies have shown, 62% of tenants and clients prefer SMS as a communication channel, thanks to its unparalleled flexibility and ease of access. 

Compared with other communication channels such as email, SMS property management performs better in terms of open and click-through rates. If you don’t agree with us, here are some interesting facts you should know about SMS:

  • 62% of renters agree they like it when accurate property information is sent to them via SMS
  • 90% of consumers that receive text messages open and read them 3 minutes after they are sent without issues. 
  • SMS enjoys a whooping 98% open rate; emails don’t even come close to this level of access

These figures can only mean one thing: SMS communication works! You are better off sticking to SMS property management if you want your tenants and clients to respond faster and perform whatever action that needs to be performed. SMS ensure a number of other benefits, and we will show you how to specialize your messaging and make it feel more personal. 

How Can Property Managers Use SMS Solutions?

Managing residential properties, no matter how small or large, can be arduous; there are just many things to do, and it’s not always business as usual. As a property manager, it’s your responsibility to schedule appointments with prospective tenants, track sales, send eviction notices, follow up with suppliers and employees, prepare reports, and share discounts and promos – the tasks are endless. These services take a lot of time, and many industries benefit from use SMS solutions to save time.

However, you can only sustain this workflow if you have an efficient communication channel and are committed to the process. This is where SMS property management solutions come into play. They can make your job much more seamless and ensure you stay on top of your game. 

For instance, with an SMS property management solution like Textback, you can specialize and conveniently send instant messaging to your clients/tenants, share discounts and promos, negotiate with prospective tenants and inform them about an eviction proceeding. And you can do all these using your only phone. 

That’s not even all. With Textback, you can schedule appointments and maintenance reminders, create a database for your clients and generally improve communication in a unique way. The result? Improved productivity, lower management cost, fewer no-shows, and better income flow. Aren’t those what you want to specialize in as a property manager? 

Keep in mind, though, that making the most of SMS communication for property management isn’t a walk in the park. You must be tactful, willing to do the work, and committed to the process to see meaningful, sustainable results. With that caveat out of the way, here are things you can do to see more accurate results from your efforts:

Keep Your Messaging Clear and Concise

A lengthy message often gets ignored and so needs to be short. The shorter it is, the easier it will be for your recipients to understand what you are trying to communicate. So ensure your messages serve the purpose of updating your customers with ease.

Proofread Before Sending

Grammar and typo errors are a big turnoff for people. Keeping your messaging free of them ensure you build up engagement with your target audience and increase the number of times your messages get opened and how frequently readers view them. 

Use a Template

Sometimes, it’s best just to use a messaging template. It’s faster and more efficient than writing from scratch. Employing a template reduces the chances of typos and grammar errors appearing in your messages. This means more engagement and response from your recipients.

Personalize Your Messaging

Using a template should be no excuse for sending out cookie-cutter messages. Such messages don’t score any point. As much as possible, personalize your messages and put personal touches in place. Addressing your recipients by their first names is an easy way to start. 

Ask for Permission

You wouldn’t want to send SMS communication to your clients without their permission. It would be a violation of their rights to privacy, no matter where they are located. So, ask for their permission before loading them with messages. 

SMS Makes Easy Communication Between Landlord and Tenant 

You surely understand why effective communication is important if you serve as a landlord in managing your home properties. An effective communication channel makes it easy to send property information to tenants, remind them of upcoming rents, inform them of house fixes, broadcast maintenance schedules, and even schedule appointments with prospective renters. 

On top of that, SMS property management makes it easier and more efficient to follow up with prospective renters in real-time. By doing so, you won’t have to keep waiting on a renter that may never show up eventually. You could also use it to send updates to your employees and property managers. 

The best part is that with SMS properties management solutions products like Textback, your tenants can easily inform you when they need repairs and fixes on their rented apartments. Plus, such solutions let you serve rent payment reminders to your tenants without having to follow anyone around. 

You could schedule properties payment reminder messages on a month or year basis and go about your business. The messages will automatically be sent out as when due. The coolest part is that allows you to customize your messages. That way, you wouldn’t have to send uninspiring messages that are boring and plain annoying.

SMS property management business tools aren’t only meant for landlords and tenants alone; property managers can also use them. In fact, just about anybody can use this technology, regardless of the type of business and industry. Don’t believe us? See for yourself how many industries SMS marketing empowers. From dry cleaners to medical to nonprofits, the possibilities are endless with a robust text messaging tool.

Benefits of SMS Solutions for Property Management 

Still not convinced why investing in specialize SMS property management solutions is the best move you can ever make as a property manager? Here are some of the benefits of SMS solutions. 

Improved Productivity 

Effective communication with your properties repair team employees via SMS property management saves everyone the trouble of wasted time, boosting productivity. This is because locating and scheduling repair activities will become much easier with SMS messaging. Communicating updates and schedule changes becomes faster and more efficient. SMS communication also benefits your tenants because they will easily find it easier to reschedule appointments.  


You need a way to communicate fast, effectively, and cheaply with your house tenants. Thankfully, the SMS marketing service ticks all three boxes. Compared with email marketing, SMS messaging is way cheaper. You can literally start on a shoestring budget and still hit your goals. Plus, you don’t need to be a marketing guru to be successful with it. SMS property management solutions are cheaper and more affordable than email marketing solutions.

Improved Bottom Line

SMS marketing services can serve your bottom line immensely. For instance, SMS messaging is your best bet if you want to generate more appointments because it enjoys a better open and engagement rate. Utilize SMS marketing to increase appointment bookings, reduce no-shows and drive up your revenue.

Better Engagement 

Select SMS messaging service to let you personalize communication with your clients as a property manager. By doing so, you would build better engagement with your message recipients and enjoy better responses thanks to the easy access it provides. 

Measurable Campaigns

One surefire way to determine the effectiveness of your messaging services is by tracking your metrics. You should be able to measure your open rates, click-through, bounce, and response rate. Luckily for you, specialize SMS messaging services are measurable and trackable. 

Templates and Use Cases for Landlords

It is important to write a well-crafted SMS message, whether you want to remind your tenants of upcoming rent or inform them about scheduled maintenance. 

However, crafting an attention-grabbing text can be a lot of work, and you might not get it right off the bat. To help make it easy, here are templates you can modify and use for your next SMS marketing campaign service.

Template 1 – Rent Payment Reminder


This is to let you know that your house rent will be due by the end of the month. Please pay the sum of $[XXX] into the account below:


Template 2 – Appointment Reminder

Dear [NAME]

As a follow-up to our last conversation, please keep in mind that we will be meeting on [DATE] so you can get to see the house. Kindly notify me beforehand if you won’t be able to make it. 

Template 3 – Maintenance Update


A plumber will visit your home on [DATE] to fix the leaky pipe you complained about. Please be around on that date and notify me beforehand if you will be unavoidably absent. 

Template and Use Cases for Tenants

Tenants can also use SMS messaging services in the same way as landlords to establish an efficient communication channel. If you are a tenant looking to send a message to your landlord, here are some message templates you can take inspiration from. These templates are also ideal if you are a prospective tenant looking to set up a meeting with a landlord. 

Template 1 – Property View Appointment


I saw you have a house listing on [ADDRESS]. I will like to check it out and possibly rent it. When would you be available to set up a property inspection session? 

Template 2 – Appointment Rescheduling


I am reaching out to let you know that I won’t be available for the home viewing for unavoidable reasons. I was wondering if you will be available on the [DATE] for a reschedule? 

Template 3 – Payment Confirmation 


I just sent payments for my [MONTH] rent. Please let me know if you received it? 

Templates and Use Cases for Property Managers

SMS communication service has several use cases across different industries, including real estate. Some of the common use cases in the property management industry are as follows: 

  • Property view schedules
  • Rent payment reminders
  • Maintenance status update
  • Tenant check-ins service
  • Inspection requests

If you manage a property on behalf of someone else, you will still need the means to communicate with the property owner and tenants. That being said, here are some SMS property management templates that can work incredibly well. All you have to do is to edit and modify. 

Template 1 – Viewing Schedule


I have a house viewing schedule with a potential tenant on the [DATE]. Would you be on site to join us on that day?

Template 2 – Maintenance Update

Dear [NAME],

This is to let you know that all the planned work maintenance we scheduled for the [DATE] has been completed, and the tenants were satisfied with the on-site work.


Are SMS solutions useful for property management? 

The long and short answer to that question is yes. SMS property management solutions are a must-have for property owners and managers that want to streamline and manage their communication more effectively. With the right SMS solution, you can get updates on pending issues, view maintenance reports, and get your tenants’ attention whenever needed. 

Can tenants reply to landlords’ bulk messages?

Well, it depends on the SMS service system the landlord uses. While some solutions only allow one-way communication, preventing recipients from replying, others support two-way communication. As a landlord, using Textback to send SMS messages to your tenants will make it easy for them to reply. 

How can landlords know that messages get read by the tenant?

Some SMS property management systems can send read receipts whenever someone opens your message. Textback is a good example. Using such an app makes it easy to know when a tenant has read your message.