Modern marketers use long text messages for their reliability in the advertising world. In the 21st century, almost everyone owns a mobile phone, and every mobile phone can send and receive text messages. With long messaging services, marketers connect with their target audiences with a single SMS message. Textback’s services enable marketers to send long text messages to their customers, no matter their demands.

What is a Long Text Message?

A long text message is a modern tool that simultaneously sends multiple messages with a single SMS message to a large recipient group. Normally, text messages don’t have more than 160 characters which might not be enough if you want to send more detailed information to your customers. In such situations, using long text messaging services fulfills your needs.

Rather than the usual 160 characters messages, long text messaging services combines multiple texts into one at the user’s end. Instead of compressing important information and writing messages in the wrong order, send messages with well-detailed information using Textback’s long text message services, and ensure you send entire messages to customers all at once.

What is the Standard SMS Length?

Technically, a single text message has a character limit of 160 characters. However, the latest mobile phone networks allow the use of long text messaging services. Whenever you send long text messages, they are split into segments after you hit send and redrafted at the receiving end as longer messages. This ensures an uninterrupted flow of information and increases user experience.

Benefits of Long Text Messages 

If you are looking to target more clients, use long SMS messages for multi-channel marketing. This service is not too expensive and comes with several beneficial features. The following are some of the benefits of using long SMS messages for your marketing.

No Internet Required

Not being able to fit your entire message might mean you must resort to using email. However, due to their low open rates, and the constant need to be connected to the internet, some clients might not get your message if you send it using emails. Like regular cellular SMS networks, you can use long text messaging services to send mass messages to your target audiences without a data plan.

Lesser Competition

Many businesses use text messages to reach their customers quickly and efficiently. Yet, only a few use SMS for long-form messages and instead resort to email or social media, leading to segmentation and poor user experience. Long text messaging solves all that and more. Distinguish your business by adopting long text messages and provide an excellent user experience,

Greater Open Rates

Even though SMS messages have a stellar open rate of 98%, no one wants to receive 5 separate text messages back to back. Businesses that adopt such practices miss out on all the benefits of SMS and leave their customers dissatisfied. Using longer messages means that your message is once again sent in a single text, recapturing the effectiveness of SMS.

Proper Deliveries

If you send messages with many characters with regular cellular SMS networks, your messages might not get delivered orderly. This is because a standard SMS can’t have more than 160 characters, so your long texts will be split into multiple messages. Due to network errors, these split messages get delivered to recipients in the wrong order, causing confusion and annoyance. Long text messaging solves all that by combining all would-be split messages into one at the user’s end and guarantees an uninterrupted messaging experience.

Scheduled Messages

Entrepreneurs like their messages delivered to their target customers at a particular time. Some of them waste precious time trying to reach their clients via phone calls, voicemails, and regular SMS messages. However, you can pass well-detailed information to your target audience with a single scheduled long text message. With long SMS message networks, schedule your message deliveries to improve your connection with your audiences significantly. You can use this feature to inform your target clients about promotions or services exactly when they need them.

Cost Effective

Using email for sending long messages is an incredibly pricey endeavor. Not only are you paying for each individual email sent, but you are also paying for hosting and the service. Long text messaging services solve all that by calculating the costs differently and based on affordable subscription packages. Stop throwing away your hard earned money and adopt long text messaging for your business.

Maximum Character Limit for Long Text Messages

Since long text messages combine multiple SMS or MMS messages once delivered to the user’s one, there is no character limit for long text messages. Textback’s SMS subscriptions for long text messaging are available with a free trial option!

DO’s and DON’Ts When Sending Long Text Messages 

Study the criteria for using long SMS message services to improve your marketing operations and strengthen your connection with your target audiences. The following are the DOs and DON’Ts for sending long SMS messages:

DO Use Call to Actions

Whether it’s a meeting reminder or an advertisement, it is paramount to use calls to action in your long messages. After reading a long message, your customers may not be clear on the action you want them to perform. So strong CTAs would allow you to call your recipients’ attention to areas you want them to engage in after passing your well-detailed information to them.

DO Go Straight to the Point

While writing a long text message to your target audience, it is easy to lose the direction of your message and stuff as much information as possible. However, focusing only on the purpose of the message and including relevant information leads to better engagement rates and satisfied customers. Adding fluff content could make your clients lose interest in reading your message or opt-out of receiving more of it from you. While writing a long SMS message, be direct, as this would make your target audiences read the entire message and act promptly. 

DO Begin with an Eye Catcher 

Receiving a long message can be intimidating for your customers, so including attention-grabbing headlines at the beginning of your long text makes it easy for your target recipients to read your texts to the end. If you sound too subtle, you risk losing the attention of your target audience and, eventually, the customers themselves.

DON’T Use Abbreviations or Slangs 

In business communication, it is inappropriate to use abbreviations or slang to communicate with business associates or customers. Make your information clear and readable for your target clients so they won’t get confused or ignore the rest of your texts. Choose your words correctly and use the right phrases while writing your mass messages. 

Start Sending Long Messages with Textback

Sending long messages is a cost-effective and instant way of communicating with a large group of target recipients at the same time. Textback is one of the best long text messaging platforms in the world, and sending your long business messages with Textback gets higher open and response rates, lesser competition, and many more benefits. Contact us and book a hands-on demo with our professionals today!


Do SMS Symbols Count as Multiple Characters?

Yes, SMS symbols are counted as multiple characters. Whenever you add an emoji to your SMS, it will be counted as two characters. Therefore, you should consider adding emojis to your texts only when it is necessary to do so.

How Many Characters Can SMS Be?

The general limit for SMS message characters is 160. However, modern mobile phones allow users to make use of long message services by combining multiple SMSs into one. So long text messaging is ideal for any business required to send multiple texts at a time.

What is the Difference Between an MMS Message and a Long SMS?

An MMS message is a text message that includes multimedia content like pictures and videos. A long SMS is a marketing tool that combines multiple SMS and MMS messages and sends mass messages at the same time at affordable rates.