Introduction to 2 way SMS Implementation: Example of Mass SMS Texting Supporting Call Center Operations

“Incorporate a successful SMS strategy into your call center and provide unmatchable service to your customers.”

It has become a general practice nowadays to SMS messaging in businesses, sports, elections, and many other fields. That is a simple way of communicating your message to the recipients. Moreover, with 2-way SMS messaging you are able to lift your company communication effectiveness to the next level. Be it a small business or a large one, almost every call center business can use this 2-way SMS service to deliver enhanced customer experience, get feedback, create authenticate SMS customer services, and deliver alerts.

Since this service is supported by all handsets, it is cost-effective and delivers results, it has proven itself very beneficial. A call center business requires dealing with numerous people and validating customers with an effective messaging strategy is the next big thing.

Why 2 way SMS has become so popular with call centers?

Call centers receive and call infinite number of calls every day and are still not able to attend them all. Therefore, 2-way messaging is greatly beneficial for them in ways such as-

  • 2-way SMS is cost-effective – SMS messaging can be implemented and lower the costs a lot through automation that a phone call-based call center cannot do. For example automated messages like: ”Reply “yes” to hear more” – type of SMS delivery attached with automated voice calling system with prerecorded messages. That will save a lot of time and manpower in marketing.
  • 2-way SMS improve customer service – There are several calls that are not picked up or makes customer wait. This wait is the main reason people do not like call center at customer services point of view. With the help of SMS messaging, some minor issues can be handled through SMS which is convenient, time efficient and less costly for both customers and the operating company.

Benefits of SMS Solutions for Call Centers

– automated voice calling with pre-recorded messages

– lead validation before calling

– less man hours for actual calling

– increased sales probability when called

Less Infrastructure Implementation

When most of your inquiries and simple lead validation can be handled via SMS, you can work with fewer numbers of people at customer service and the sales persons have greater chance to actually close the sales with validated hot leads.  So it works in both sides, handling feedback with less effort and increasing  average sales per call or closing rate per call.

Quick Feedback

SMS solutions allow you to conduct quick surveys and collect feedback from your customers or prospects with least effort regarding your services or offering.

Reduce Stressful Work Environment

Dealing with a disappointed customer is no call center representative’s fantasy. When most of the inquiries are handled through automated SMS, it creates a less stressful work environment for personnel and less unwanted confrontations.

2 way SMS Bot Saves a Lot of Time

What if the number of calls could be limited? Yes, it has been made possible by SMS solutions as most of the concerns can be solved through messaging, and yes, it saves a lot of time.

A Good SMS Flow Creates Satisfied Customers

Your customers receive quick solutions, you keep constant contact with them via SMS, follow-up after the requests, and receive feedback, and it leads to more satisfied customers which helps your business grow.

2 way SMS Bot Boosts Productivity

Complex problems can be prioritized and handled on a prompt basis by personnel while the simple ones can be solved by SMS. It boosts productivity and provides amazing customer support.

How SMS Solutions Can Be Helpful in Solving General Problems Faced by Call Centers?

These are certain common problem areas that every call center faces, and SMS solutions help to fix.

  • Every telephone conversation involves labor and a call cost. While an SMS can be sent in as low as few cents.
  • As information to customers, a call center representative may require communicating a website, a phone number, or any link that must be written down by the caller or remembered. In many cases, it gets lost or customer forgets. Through SMS, the link or website can be accessed by the customer by a single click without losing it.
  • Many customers do not pick the phone from an unknown number. While they do not pick a call, they always read the message. A survey says that almost 98% of messages are read and 90% of them are read within seconds.
  • Callers may find it uncomfortable to talk to a stranger and share their information. While SMS is a private communication channel.
  • A call center executive can pick only a single call at one time and bulk communication is not even an option. This is not the case with SMS. They can be sent to numerous peoples at the same time, offering time-saving mass communication. SMS is Scalable.
  • Waiting for the call to be answered makes the callers frustrating. While an SMS can be sent immediately.

The cost of training, recruiting, and salaries are extremely high in any call center. This industry requires a way to save a lot of money which SMS solutions can provide. is your solution to implement successful 2-ways SMS solutions for your call center marketing and customer service business.

All about SMS Marketing

Learn more about mass texting service and reach out to a large number of people in minutes

Everyone has received a message from their institution or work to be a part of a certain event or program or simply to send feedback. But have you ever wondered how it works? This is the magic of Mass Text Marketing which is very popular in nowadays.

What is Mass Text Marketing?

It is a service that allows you to send SMS to thousands of people at the same time without typing the message again and again. There is not an industry in the present times which is not using this communication strategy to reach out to its customers. Imagine a large event or a notification to be sent to thousands of employees/customers/prospect or fresh leads of your company? Mass Text Messaging can deliver to them all in seconds. Just choose the targeted people, type a message, press “send” and it’s done.

Better communication and improved customer service is the key to operate a successful business. Mass Text Marketing is helping the companies across industries to achieve it by sending them regular alerts, reminders, emergency alerts, promotions, offers, daily updates, collect information and many more communications that drive customer and company get closer. Use our Mass Text Messaging service today and step on the way of effective communication with your customers.

How are Bulk SMS Solutions benefiting your business?

With, Mass Text Marketing is simple as it is affordable, efficient, and secure and expands your reach to customers. This service can change the face of your digital marketing strategy in many ways.

SMS has unbelievable open rates

90-98% - This is the open rate of text messages that means your message will surely be read.

Bulk SMS is Cost-efficient

You don’t need to waste your hard-earned bucks on TV, email marketing, or Facebook ads. Mass Text Marketing with its amazing audience engagement gives you much better results. If it is not working for you, you can also change the strategy and all of this at a very affordable price. has Easy and intuitive user interface

It is as simple as sending a text message from a phone. Thus, it does not involve any technical coding or computer program to do it.

Mass text marketing and 2-ways SMS saves time

You may free a lot of customer service and marketing people’s hands when a well automated mass SMS takes it over.

How is Bulk SMS Sent?

These mass SMSs are sent to only those people who have opted in to receiving them or are found in your customer database. Depends on the purpose of the message whether it is marketing effort or customer care, you may select sending to your existing customer base or to new customer acquisition/prospect/lead list. In general, you may not send messages to people who have not given permission to do so or have already opted out from your marketing list. It is governed by the law and very strictly supervised. As for the process of sending mass messages, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a single message or 2-way flow with responses

    Create a message what you want to communicate to your audience or build a 2-way SMS communication channel with automated responses such as if a customer responds “yes”  then they will get another SMS for further information/offer or second question from the automated flow.

  2. Choose your audience

    Select the contact list of new prospect or existing customers who you want to send the message.

  3. Send

    After creating the message or message flow you may send the initial text message. You need to type an engaging text or question that draws the audience attention and makes them respond to your text. Once done, you can just click send or you can schedule a time to send it. Gladly almost everybody reads received SMS regardless of what you send them. Increasing the response/action rate, you may want to get there valuable information.

Bulk SMS and Group Texting to Existing Customers

Engage or upsell to your existing customers with a single click

Advancing Customer Care with Textback's Bulk SMS

  • You can customize and personalize each text through custom fields like first name,last name, city, country etc. “Hey John, we have new insurance offer for your Chrysler at Cleveland, reply YES to hear more information” and by getting the “yes” you would know it is worth calling to Mr John.
  • You can schedule your messages in advance to be sent at the exact time you want, hours or days later or delay after a specific reply.
  • A group texting 2-SMS can be used to send a coupon code, link to webpage, link to a form, or with any action or response trigger you want your audience to do that gains information or sales to you.

Offer an incentive

Offer an incentive when the customers opt-in for the SMS campaign and receive messages. People like to receive something in return for doing something. You can offer a discount, information about new product or campaign or simply ask information about your prospects. “Would you like to hear more about cheap auto insurances? Reply YES if you do”.

With 2-sms flow and customer responses you may validate a lead or a need that the recipient wants something more related to auto insurances for example or gain whatever information that is useful for you.

You do not need to have a technical background to send SMS, nor do you need any special training to send it. Our representatives will give you guidance to start if there is any questions you may have.

Your Customer/Prospect List

If this is your first time of group texting, you must add customers/subscribers/prospects data to sending platform from your CRM. If you already have a list of existing subscribers, you can simply import them with Excel or CSV file.

This group texting can be helpful and cost effective when implemented properly. Send emergency alerts, communicate, add value, send important reminders, send timely information to your employees, customers, and prospects, gather information and empower your marketing strategy with

Conversational Mass Text Messaging for B2B and B2C Operations

Use effective Conversational automated 2-ways mass texting for your B2B and B2C operations and establish smarter communications.

When your company that performs either B2B or B2C or both operations, you have a responsibility to satisfy both your partners and customers. Mass texting becomes an effective strategic tool to provide a greater level of customer experience. You can send numerous texts to even thousands or up to millions of customers and partners but what if they want to engage in a conversation?

Conversational 2-way Mass Texting is the solution. Mass Texting combined with automated responder flows in order to establish a two-way interactive conversation. By the use of conversational texting, you can engage your customers in one-on-one communication when they respond to your mass text message. You can send individual replies and manage the message history of individual contacts.

Problems Faced in B2C Operations and How Conversational Mass Text Messaging Solves Them

With Conversational Mass Texting, a more personalized service can set you apart from the other organizations. As a B2C marketer, there are certain marketing challenges as they are faced in every marketing strategy. How conversational texting can help deal with problems B2C marketing are as such:

Lead Validation

You may validate actual leads and most promising customers from your prospects by 2-ways text messaging based on peoples replies. That information allows you to allocate more marketing messages for those people who are actually interested of hearing what you have to offer. Or you may engage existing customers even more by providing them information or new offers and benefits. Also make them feel that their opinion matters and they are heard.

Integration with Technology

Your POS and email platforms work together with CRM. Integrating text messaging with your existing applications, you can automate your operations like sending a text message on the confirmation of the order.

Customer Feedback

As a business, you need to evolve. Knowing what customers think and want helps you satisfy them in a better way. With texting, the collection of feedback has been made very simple.

While in B2C marketing, where there are potentially millions of individual customers, it requires engaging them with the best products and services in order to retain them.

B2C marketing and customer care needs direct communication and there is no better choice than conversational 2-way SMS. It is affordable, efficient, and reliable which helps in establishing two-way communication and makes the most out of it. Here are some tips to increase sales with the help of conversational texting.

  • Create messages that encourages a response from customers for lead/prospect/segmenting them
  • Divide them to different response/marketing flows depending on their responses
  • Divide your customers into segments as per their needs and send them only relevant content

Let 2-ways SMS work on behalf of you so that you can operate your business smoothly and focus on better customer care, segmentation, acquisition and sales.

How to Use SMS AI, SMS Bot and Two Way Text Conversations?

There are probably thousands of customers and potential customer for your business, and limited simultaneously interactions from salespersons can be huge bottle neck for any business to grow. SMS marketing is a way to scale any conversation and sales pitch to a new level.

Conversational interactions between brands and customers are of the utmost importance as it paves a way to build relations, earn customer loyalty, and in the long and short run, grow your business.

What is SMS Bot or SMS AI?

SMS Bot or SMS AI is a technology that supports two-way conversation via text messaging. An SMS Bot allows handling customer queries, sending responses, and establishing an interface with clients without the need for manual responses. With Natural Language Processing, SMS bot allow interactive two-way conversation. The easier a chatbot is to use, the more customers like it and use it.

Why Should You Have an SMS Bot or SMS AI for Two-Way Conversations?

Text Message Marketing is not easy and SMS AI being a part of this strategy requires thorough planning and excellent execution to derive the following benefits from SMS bot or SMS AI.

Let the Machines Answer

AI can be incorporated very easily in SMS marketing and allows you to save money and time that is eaten up by creating and sending text messages. Let the machines decide which flow will best suite transactional text messages based on the responses you got.

Easy To Integrate

Using chatbot powered by AI, you can create a better environment for online communication with customers. Most of the petty queries can be handled without engaging a salesperson for it. Once it is done, it can run thousands of 2-way conversation simultaneously which would be really hard to scale with real personnel interviewing potential or existing customers.

Customer Satisfaction

When you talk to customers and find out their preferences and needs, you can satisfy them in a better way. You establish better communication, understand their needs, and fulfill them thus improving customer satisfaction.

Update Customers

With SMS marketing, you can always inform your customers about a new service, a new product, or a deal. It is possible that they will not check their email for a longer time, but a message on SMS will never be missed. Everybody checks their phone when phone beeps or shows that message light.

With the latest technology, proper integration, and successful implementation, you can create wonders with SMS AI. Use to create an SMS Bot and 2-ways SMS flow for your business and interact with your customers more cost effectively.

How to Engage Customers with Conversational Texting?

The customer is king and conversation is the only way to reach this king. Maybe SMS Marketing is a part of your SMS marketing strategy but is sending the text enough? If you can, and you can with, you should talk to your customers and engage them with proper 2-way conversation where you give yourself a chance to hear and learn your customers thoughts and preferences, needs, and expectations so that you can satisfy them with improved services.

Conversational texting with SMS Bots and incorporation of AI in SMS marketing will lead better communication with your customers and engaging them with your business will help you touch greater heights of the success.

Here are some ways in which you can engage your customers to your brand with conversational texting.

Segmentation by Interest and Lead Validation

By asking questions you may find out:

  1. customers interest towards your services
  2. what type of detailed interest they might have
  3. what kind of person, lead, customer, buying potential there is behind each contact
  4. choose the right marketing messages to them based on above

Targeted Marketing

Know your customers from their choices, their wishes, and their past history. You can target them with text updates on their number and announce upcoming events, sales, and offer them discounts and offers they cannot say no to.

Polls and Surveys

You can engage them by using SMS polls and surveys where your customers can share their views openly. You need to make them realize that their opinions are valued by your organization. Conducting a survey that shows what your customers think about you and how much they rate you on a scale of 1 to 10 can also be very helpful and engaging.

Reminders and re-scheduling appointments

SMS is a great way to remind your customers of an important appointment, a time-sensitive event, a pending purchase, etc. If your customer misses a business appointment, they need to schedule the appointment again while you lose the hour appointed earlier. Reminding of an event or a pending purchase is a thoughtful gesture. Option to re-schedule by 2-way SMS text is also a great service.

Regular Updates for Customers

Information is useful if correct information is received on the right time and at the right place. You can keep your customers updated on information relevant to them. It shows that you care for them.

Drive Deeper Relationships

A two-way conversation does not mean that you provide your customers with relevant information when asked for or simply answer their questions. Through polls, surveys, questionnaires, etc, you get to know your customers better, about their needs, preferences, their buying pattern, and then serving them what they actually need.

Personalize Messages

You have numerous customers and each of them has a different taste, need, and preference. And, customers really appreciate if you can engage them with something that is specifically for them. Be it thanks for their last shopped item, a product from wish list that they wish to buy, or offering them something similar, it should look personalized. Sending them personalized offers and discounts is also a great option.

Tips and Advice

You can engage your customers by sending them tips and advice based on their information on recent activities. E.g. if they have bought some DIY materials, you can send them some tips to avoid any injuries while working on their DIY project. Timely advice can help your customers know that you care.

Improved Customer Service

SMS is a direct way of communication. It is even preferred over a voice call. Customers can freely register their complaints or leave their feedback so that proper actions can be taken to improve overall customer service.

With real-time responses, conversational texting, and SMS Bots, you can make your customers feel special and that you are always there for them. helps you to engage your customers with these methods which have been proven very helpful for several businesses.

How to Turn Prospects into Leads With 2 way SMS?

SMS is short, concise, and can be read on the go. Almost 90% of the messages are read within three minutes of their delivery. So, if you are planning strategies to target prospects and turn them into leads, there is no better way than to use a two-way communication channel i.e. effective, reliable, and affordable text messaging.

Prospects must be kept engaged in products and services without pushing them to buy. Providing them complete information about products is a way to help them make decisions on their own. In order to interact with them, text messaging is a great way which can help you turn these prospects into leads.

How Can You Use SMS to Validate Prospects Into Leads?

You need to deal with these prospects very delicately as if they find you too pushy or if they think you are not very serious or offering any value for them, they will leave you in all these the cases. Therefore, here are some ways for you to deal with prospects to turn them into leads:

Choose a Right Time to Text

While a call may not be picked up all times, you can ask for your leads’ availability via SMS.   A text message can be read on the go and can be responded to quickly. The way you interact with your prospect makes a lot of difference. If you are considerate and value their time, it also makes them trust you.

Thank Them for Giving You Time

A prospect is not a customer yet and if they still give you a few minutes, you must thank them for giving you their precious time. There is always 2 options, either you got a “No” and you may leave it there or kindly express something like: “It was great talking to you, we really appreciate your time” , or you found some interest and may offer something valuable for your potential future customer.

“Great to hear that you have interest towards these new car insurances, How about a call on Tuesday at 3 p.m.?”

It serves your purpose of communicating that you appreciate their time and interest and if executed well, you can get another meeting or opportunity to make sales.

Continuous engagement, valuing the prospects, and give them time to make decisions with simple replies, rather than being pushy can really help you validate prospects into sellable leads if you are in lead generating business or make a lead into direct sales within your own company and services. With, you can help yourself to get information and increase sales.

Please contact us for further information and start deliver value for your customers with solutions.