Text messaging has been around for a better part of the last three decades. While the technology was initially intended for informal communication, the personal nature of SMS messages has made them an invaluable form of every business communication.

With the help of SMS marketing, you can simultaneously spread your word to millions of recipients. And you can also scale the operation up or down without compromising quality or efficiency. Bulk SMS marketing is a powerful tool for engaging with the audience on a mobile device.

While bulk texting might sound spammy, it is an ethical form of communication when following the best practices. In fact, we have the numbers to prove it. Research shows that 58% of consumers prefer business texting compared to 21% that prefer phone calls, while the rest prefer emails.

Your audience loves well-timed marketing messages. In fact, they have explicitly given you permission to send promotional texts while signing up for the SMS message subscription. So if you still aren’t convinced about the perks of bulk SMS marketing, let’s walk you through the details.

What Is Mass Text Marketing?

It is a service that allows you to send SMS to thousands of people simultaneously without typing the message repeatedly. There is no industry present that is not using this communication strategy to reach out to its customers. Imagine a large event or a notification to be sent to thousands of employees, customers, prospects, or fresh leads of your company? Mass text messaging service can deliver to them all in seconds. Just choose the targeted people, type a message, press “send,” and it’s done.

Better communication and improved customer service are key to a successful business. Mass text marketing is helping companies across industries achieve it by sending them regular alerts, reminders, emergency alerts, promotions, offers, daily updates, collect information, and many more communications that drive customers and companies closer. Use our mass text messaging service today and take a step toward effective communication with your customers.

How Are Bulk SMS Solutions Benefiting Your Business?

There are over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, and the numbers will only increase in the coming days. Unsurprisingly, businesses are gradually relying on SMS messages to boost customer engagement. With textback.ai, mass text marketing is simple as it is affordable, efficient, and secure and expands your customer reach. This service can change the face of your digital marketing strategy in many ways.

SMS Has Unbelievable Open Rates

Sending SMS messages has an unbelievably high open rate of over 99%. And while everyone that receives text messages doesn’t respond, the chances of engaging the audience are much higher since more people have read your message. Textback.ai helps put your message across to the audience without spamming their inbox.

Bulk SMS Is Cost-Efficient

You don’t need to waste your hard-earned bucks on TV, email marketing, or social media ads. With its amazing audience engagement, mass text marketing gives you much better results. If it is not working for you, you can also change the strategy at a very affordable price using our innovative solutions.

Textback.ai Has Easy and Intuitive User Interface

Since text messaging is limited to 160 characters, you must be precise and concise while delivering your message. Textback.ai uses a user-friendly interface to avoid complications. It is as simple as sending a text message from a phone and does not involve any technical coding or computer program to do it.

Mass Text Marketing and 2-Ways SMS Saves Time

Although bulk SMS is a unidirectional communication channel, you can include a URL or a contact number so that the recipients can continue the conversation. Sending personalized content promotes two ways SMS as it’s tuned to the audience’s tastes, helping them trust your brand’s intentions.

How Is Bulk SMS Sent?

Bulk SMSs are sent to only those who have opted in to receive them or are found in your customer database. Depending on the message’s purpose, whether marketing effort or customer care, you may select to send to your existing customer base or new customer acquisition, prospect, or lead list. In general, you may not send messages to people who have not given permission to do so or have already opted out from your marketing list. It is governed by the law and very strictly supervised. As for the process of sending mass messages, you can follow these simple steps:

Create a Single Message or 2-Way Flow with Responses

Create a message with what you want to communicate to your audience or build a 2-way SMS communication channel with automated responses such as if a customer responds “yes”, then they will get another SMS for further information or a second question from an automated follow-up message.

Choose Your Audience

Select the contact list of new prospects or existing customers who you want to send the message. After creating the message or flow, you may send the initial text message. You need to type an engaging text or question that draws the audience’s attention and make them respond to your text. Once done, you can click send or schedule a time to send it.

Pros and Cons of Mass Text Marketing

If you are still struggling with whether to initiate a bulk SMS program for your business, here is a list of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision at a glance.

Pros of Mass Text Marketing

Here are the top reasons why 60% of business owners plan to increase their SMS marketing budget.

High Conversion Rates

SMS marketing has a conversion rate of over 45%, much higher than the average conversion rate of other marketing channels like emails and social media. One of the primary benefits of SMS marketing is that it organically drives conversions.

High Open Rates

90% of people read SMS messages within five minutes of receiving a text. The average response time for a text message is 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes for an email. Hence, SMS marketing is ideal for promoting time-sensitive offers.


SMS marketing is surprisingly affordable, which often shocks business owners who suffer from a false notion that sending bulk SMS messages is expensive. Compared to social media and email marketing, text message marketing is a cost-effective solution.

Direct Communication

People use SMS to communicate with friends and family. When a business gains access to this personal space, it’s a huge accomplishment. Leverage this real estate to boost confidence in your brand and gain greater exposure.

Track, Measure, and Optimise Performance

Most text marketing services offer measuring tools to help marketers track performance and fine-tune existing campaigns for better results. Textback.ai’s intuitive dashboard is easy to use and lets you measure progress.

Generate Greater Reach

Since the audience explicitly signed up to receive text messages from your business, they are more likely to be interested in what you have to say. Hence, bulk SMS marketing is ideal for reaching out to audiences ready to convert.

Cons of Mass Texting

Like every other marketing channel, bulk SMS marketing has its downsides. Here is a list of the primary cons.

Grow Your Subscription List

Since you need people to sign up for text message marketing, it can be time-consuming. Thankfully, by following certain best practices and with a bit of patience, you can grow your subscribers list organically.

Manage a New Channel

Multi-channel marketing can be challenging if you take a haphazard approach as it becomes increasingly difficult to track results and measure performance. Textback.ai’s omnichannel marketing tool streamlines the process and help you track results from the dashboard.

Bulk SMS and Group Texting to Existing Customers

Engage or upsell to your existing customers with a single click

You can use bulk text messaging to reach out to existing customers with a wide range of messages. Your options are limitless, from intimating product launches, sending promotional messages, generating direct sales, creating brand awareness, sending appointment reminders, and requesting customer feedback.

Advancing Customer Care with Textback’s Bulk SMS

  • Customize and personalize each text through custom fields like first and last name, city, country, etc. “Hey John, we have a new insurance offer for your Chrysler at Cleveland, reply YES to hear more information”, and by getting the “yes”, you would know it is worth calling Mr. John.
  • Schedule your messages in advance to be sent at the exact time you want, hours or days later, or delayed after a specific reply.
  • A group texting 2-SMS can be used to send a coupon code, link to a webpage, link to a form, or with any action or response trigger you want your audience to do to gain information or sales.

Offer an Incentive

Offer an incentive when the customers opt-in for the SMS campaign and receive messages. People like to receive something in return for doing something. You can offer a discount, information about a new product or campaign, or simply ask for information about your prospects. “Would you like to hear more about cheap auto insurances? Reply YES if you do“.

With 2-SMS flow and customer responses, you may validate a lead or a need that the recipient wants something more related to auto insurances, for example, or gain whatever information is useful for you.

You do not need to have a technical background to send SMS, nor do you need any special training to send it. Our representatives will guide you to start if you have any questions.

Your Customer and Prospect List

If this is your first-time group texting, you must add customers, subscribers, and prospects’ data to sending platform from your CRM. If you already have a list of existing subscribers, you can simply import them as a .CSV file.

This group texting can be helpful and cost-effective when implemented properly. Send emergency alerts, communicate, add value, send important reminders, send timely information to your employees, customers, and prospects, gather information, and empower your marketing strategy with Textback.ai.

Conversational Mass Text Messaging for B2B and B2C Operations

Use effective Conversational automated 2-ways mass texting for your B2B and B2C operations and establish smarter communications.

When your company performs either B2B or B2C or both operations, you have a responsibility to satisfy your partners and customers. Mass texting has become an effective strategic tool to provide a greater level of customer experience. You can send numerous texts to thousands or millions of customers and partners, but what if they want to engage in a conversation?

Conversational 2-way mass texting is the solution. Mass texting is combined with automated responder flows to establish a 2-way interactive conversation. By using conversational texting, you can engage your customers in one-on-one communication when they respond to your mass text message. You can send individual replies and manage the message history of individual contacts.

How Mass Text Messaging Solves Problems in B2C Operations

With Conversational Mass texting, a more personalized service can set you apart from other organizations. As a B2C marketer, there are certain marketing challenges as they are faced in every marketing strategy. How conversational texting can help deal with problems B2C marketing are as such:

Lead Validation

You may validate actual leads and most promising customers from your prospects by 2-ways text messaging based on people’s replies. That information allows you to allocate more marketing messages to those interested in hearing what you offer. Or you may engage existing customers even more by providing them information or new offers and benefits. Also, make them feel that their opinion matters and they are heard.

Integration with Technology

Your POS and email platforms work together with CRM. By integrating text messaging with your existing applications, you can automate your operations like sending a text message on the confirmation of the order.

Customer Feedback

As a business, you need to evolve. Knowing what customers think and want helps you satisfy them in a better way. With texting, the collection of feedback has been made very simple.

While in B2C marketing, where there are potentially millions of individual customers, it requires engaging them with the best products and services in order to retain them.

B2C marketing and customer care need direct communication, and there is no better choice than conversational 2-way SMS. It is affordable, efficient, and reliable, which helps establish two-way communication and makes the most out of it. Here are some tips to increase sales with the help of conversational texting.

  • Create messages that encourage a response from customers for lead, prospect and segmentation
  • Divide them into different response and marketing flows depending on their responses
  • Divide your customers into segments as per their needs and send them only relevant content

Let Textback.ai 2-ways SMS work on your behalf to operate your business smoothly and focus on better customer care, segmentation, acquisition, and sales.

Benefits of Bulk Text Messaging

Bulk text messaging has numerous benefits your business can start using today. Out of many benefits, the following are the most crucial.

Flexibility and Speed

Flexibility and speed are crucial for adapting to the ever-changing market conditions. Text messages have minimal lead times, meaning that campaigns can be conceived and delivered within a matter of minutes. This helps drive up sales during a lull or boost interest before launching a new product.

High ROI

TV commercials, newspaper ads, banners, etc., are cost prohibitive for startups and small businesses. On the other hand, bulk SMS messages have low setup and running costs. Hence, you can run multiple bulk SMS campaigns at the price of a single traditional ad, increasing your ROI substantially.

Targeted Campaigns

The days of mass texting randomly hoping to attract customers are long gone. Mass SMS campaigns today are tailor-made for the audience. Modern businesses create highly targeted campaigns for optimal resource utilization to ensure the best possible ROI. This helps build goodwill since SMS marketing is permission-based.

How to Engage Customers with Bulk Texting Services?

There are several ways to engage customers with bulk SMS messages. From scheduling promotional texts to automating text messages, here are the best ways to engage the audience by sending bulk SMS messages.

ETA Notifications

Services like ride-sharing apps, delivery platforms, and cab aggregators must often send customers real-time ETA and delivery updates. Bulk SMS service is a crucial cog in the wheels if you run a similar business.

Service Alerts

Alert messages are critical for intimating customers of updates and emergencies. With the help of bulk text marketing, send time-sensitive information for errors or outages without wasting time.

Appointment Reminders

Every service-oriented business must send appointment reminders to minimize no-shows from healthcare providers to hair stylists. Automating the process helps save time and money while minimizing human error.

Promotional Messages

You can use a bulk SMS service to send discount coupons to clients, inform customers about contests and sweepstakes, intimate the audience about product launches, etc., without investing heavily in traditional marketing channels.

How to Turn Prospects into Leads with Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing has several advantages in terms of lead generation. Let’s walk you through five tried and tested formulas for turning prospects into customers.

Get Prospects to Opt-in

By getting prospects to opt-in for your text messages, you have a list of subscribers waiting to hear from you. This drastically improves the chances of conversion as the audience trusts your brand and everything it offers.

Trigger Actions

Getting prospects to act based on a text messaging service isn’t an easy task. However, enticing them with rewards and freebies can often get the job done. You can segregate the audience based on preferences and location for better results.

Run Referral Programs

Nothing trumps word-of-mouth marketing, and a mass text messaging service is the best way to convince existing customers to spread the word. You can attach promo codes and discounts to your patrons for referring friends or family.

What Businesses Should Use Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is currently used by many businesses, from consumer brands, enterprises, banks, and media outlets to airlines, travel agencies, healthcare providers, retailers, e-commerce platforms, etc.

However, this is simply scratching the surface. The scope of bulk SMS marketing far exceeds the current usage, and several industries are expected to leverage the perks of SMS messages in the future.

How Textback Can Help You with Bulk Text Messages

Textback’s advanced bulk SMS solutions help businesses add value to customer interaction. From sending reminders and boosting sales to keeping customers updated on recent changes, our interactive platform sends precise information timely, preventing miscommunications.

Bulk SMS Texting Prices

The prices for bulk text messaging campaigns depend on your requirements and goals. Textback’s Pay as You Go model ensures competitive pricing while providing the best ROIs. Book a demo, share details with our dedicated customer support executives for a custom quote, and start boosting your business with mass texting service today!


What is mass text messaging?

Mass text messaging service is the process of sending text messages to thousands of contacts at once. Bulk texting helps businesses reach out to the entire contact list at once without wasting valuable time and resources.

Which is the best bulk SMS provider?

The best bulk SMS provider must offer several perks like maximum ROI, greater outreach, easy integration of powerful SMS APIs, scalability, flexibility, track and measure performance, transparency, privacy, security, and zero downtimes. Textback.ai offers all these and more. Schedule an appointment today and learn how your business can benefit from mass texting.

How much does it cost to send mass texts?

The prices for sending mass text messages vary on your unique requirements and goals. Quoting a price without learning more about your business is impossible. Consult our experts today for a custom quote.

Can I send bulk SMS marketing messages for free?

Free SMS services generally cut corners by disregarding carrier rules and blatantly ignoring the law. Moreover, privacy and data security are disregarded, with most free SMS services making money by selling client data to third parties. Hence, If you are running a legitimate business, avoid free SMS service providers at all costs.