SMS marketing is the latest and the most anticipated tech in the world of marketing. Text message marketing enables users to contact their audience through a single text message blast. Numerous people are mobile phone users these days, and as a result, the text blast service provides a reach that’s clear of any primary marketing method. This is because every mobile phone has access to the SMS network.

The SMS blast service enables users, regardless of their demands, to send SMS to a large group of recipients. Without any technical knowledge, the text blast software allows the organization to send text message blasts with a few clicks.

An unlimited number of companies focus on customers mainly on social media platforms. However, millions of people across the globe still do not have access to internet-enabled mobile devices. These individuals only have access to cell phone devices that can receive messages and make phone calls. Connect with more customers with the use of the text blast app.

What is Text Blasting?

Text blasting is a great software used to simultaneously send SMS text from a single source to a large audience simultaneously. Text message blasts are frequently used and verified as the best tool in the marketing industry for mass messaging.

SMS blasts are not only used by marketers but many different industries use SMS marketing to connect with their members. For instance, professional football clubs, churches, employers, and political parties often send text blasts to inform their members.

Several regions often use text blast service for mass messaging to send emergency alerts to their citizens. Text blasting is a great way to connect with multiple customers, raise brand awareness, and boost your clients’ purchasing commitment.

Benefits of Text Blasting and Why Should Businesses Use This Service

SMS messaging for marketing is an industry-leading way to connect with customers. Text blasting takes things further by enabling instant communication not only with just a handful of users but unlocks your business’s ability to reach thousands of prospective customers in a matter of seconds. Here are the top reasons why your business should adopt text-blasting services to increase its reach.

Reaching More Audiences

Almost everyone on the planet has access to a mobile phone and your messages will reach everyone you aim them at. This means that all of your existing and potential clients have the required medium to receive your SMS blasts. So reaching more audiences with SMS blasts is just a single click away.

Improving Deliverability

You could try to connect with your target market through emails or social media, but that might not help if they’re not frequent internet users. Not only that but sending a single email is a costly endeavor, so sending thousands of emails is an incredibly inefficient way to conduct your marketing. However, by sending a text blast instead, you immediately increase the chances of your clients getting your messages at a fraction of the total cost.

Higher Open Rates

With its industry-leading 98% open rate, SMS provides businesses with the best avenue for communication. By sending a text blast, your target customers are likelier to read them, compared to traditional methods like emails. One of the primary reasons is that people tend to keep their mobile phones closer and trained to instantly check when new messages arrive.

Straight to the Point

SMS blasts are direct and personalized so when you send them you’re communicating directly with your target customers. As a result, your audiences’ response rates would increase after reading because the SMS blast is aimed directly at them. Send a direct SMS blast to get more feedback from your clients.

Easy and Quick to Use for Audiences

Text messages are globally recognized as the de facto method of communication. By design, they are simple and easy to use. Like text messages, SMS blasts are too incredibly efficient for conveying simple yet important messages.

Instant Results

After sending a text message blast, in an instant, you would be able to track delivery reports. With the reports, you would know those who have gotten it and are likely to respond.


The cost of text message marketing can be more beneficial to your marketing strategy than other advertising methods. This is because you can reach every one of your target customers with a single text message blast at low costs. Send SMS blasts to your target clients at cheap rates.

Global Advertising

Anyone who uses a modern mobile device that has a cellular signal can send and receive text messages. So when you send SMS blasts you can connect with millions of people instantly, anytime, and wherever you are.

How to Get Started with Text Blasting

Getting started with text message blasts is very easy. All you need is an internet connection and 5 minutes of your time. It’s that easy! Let’s review all the steps in detail.

  • First, create a text blasts account on a service provider web forms or on the text blast app to use the text blast service. Creating a text blast marketing account at is cost-free and we provide an option of bundles based on your anticipated usage. Textback also provides users with free trials so they would easily learn how to send a text blast message from their device.
  • After creating an account, you can sign into your network provider’s text messaging outlet. Then, upload your contact list, compose your message, and send it. If there are any replies from your contact list, you have the option to review and reply through our text messaging admin panel directly.
  • The best text blast software is browser-based and allows users to sign into their accounts from any internet-enabled device. Therefore, you won’t need to be in front of your PC all the time to wait for a response from your contact list.

How Are Text Blasts and Group Texts Different

Most people do not know the differences between group texts and text blasts because they sound alike. However, they are not the same, and very much relate to different use cases and use different methods to communicate.

Group Texts

In terms of group SMS, it involves 3 or more recipients and doesn’t require you to invest in purpose-made software. However, it requires the use of a mobile device with a cellular network, and there is always a recipient limit. The limit is based on the capacity of your mobile device and network provider. Older mobile phone models would allow you to send one message to 10 people at a time, while some models allow you to send a message to 30 people. And you are charged individually for the massaged sent in a group text, so for every 5 messages you send, you would be charged for 5 SMS.

Text Blasts

Text blasts on the other hand can be used to contact a huge crowd at the same time. It enables you to be free of every limitation and drawback of group texts. Unlike group SMS, the text blast service works have no limit on the number of recipients you can message at once. And you are not charged with each message that you send, saving you money in the long run.

What Businesses Can Use Text Blast?

In recent years, several communication channels have been launched, especially social media platforms. Although it is easy for older communication methods to be sidelined due to the features of these platforms, text messages remain very much relevant to many industries. And several businesses realize the relevance of text marketing to boost their clients’ experience and loyalty. While only some are listed here, almost every industry can utilize text blasts and benefit from their amazing offering. Here are some examples of how businesses can use text blasting services to a great extent.


SMS blasts are popularly used in healthcare facilities for creating appointment reminders, prescription reminders, and medical test results. More recently, text blast services have been used in receiving feedback from vaccinated patients about the vaccine’s side effects.


Marketers and e-commerce business owners often use text message blasts to quickly inform their customers of flash sales, discount alerts, and reminders to complete checkouts. Text blasts are an amazing way for your business to always keep customers engaged and ensure that your business is always one step ahead of the competition.

Travel and Tourism

Unexpected delays like schedule alterations make traveling stressful and less fun. To tackle such issues, tourism and travel organizations use text blasts to keep their clients informed of every change at a moment’s notice. Certain airlines provide their passengers with standard message notifications about gate changes, check-in notices, or delays. As a result, people hardly miss their flights these days. Use targeted messages to enhance your guests’ experience through phone numbers, the most accessible and easy-to-use communication method.

The Most Important Features That Make Text Blasting Worth Using

Text blasting is enhanced by many unique features. While some help you save time by automating the mundane and repetitive aspects, others let you engage with customers better. Here are the most important features you get when adopting Textback’s text blasting services

Quality Opt-In Tools

Easy-to-use and efficient opt-in tools like scannable QR codes make it trivial for you to implement and for customers to opt-in. Having users opt-in is crucial for your text blast campaign. Not only does it save you from a lot of regulatory headaches down the road, but it also lets users know that you care about their personal space by not constantly spamming them with messages.


Inboxing is one of the key features of text marketing as it enables operators to manage messages effortlessly. Regardless of the number of SMSs you’re dealing with, it allows you to filter your SMS according to your specific requirements. Inboxing simplifies dealing with thousands of texts and makes it easier to manage every aspect of text blasting.


This custom fields feature enables you to group your clients according to the traits they have in common and send targeted messages. All you need is to choose the contacts you want to divide and include the traits to group them. Clients can be segmented based on the tiny links they click in the SMS you send them, their phone numbers’ area codes, etc., so that you are always on top of each client effortlessly.


Automations allow you to send SMS to groups of people with few manual actions required. From time-based triggers to keyword-based ones, you can reach your customers with ease and flexibility. Message templates enable you to customize your messages according to the needs of your customers quickly, leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Analytics and Click Tracking

Tracing your message analytics and the progress of your SMS marketing efforts is an essential part of every campaign. Knowing your clients’ opt-out rates, and monitoring the delivery rates of your SMS to are two of the most important acquired metrics that let you make logical business decisions to advance your business.

How to Measure the Success of Your Text Blasting Campaign

Using a text blast service is useless if you don’t know the right ways to measure its success or shortcomings. Here are the ways you can use to measure if your text blasting campaign is successful.

Rate of Interaction

This measures the number of people taking action after your SMS gets delivered to them. It can be measured through clicks, the number of times the application opens, clicks to call, and so on. If your interaction rate is high, it means your SMS campaign is of high relevance to your recipients. However, if it is low, it means your audiences are not responding to your SMS. Monitoring the interaction rate is the first step to improving your text marketing campaign and getting more feedback from your recipients.

Rate of Delivery

If the rate of your deliveries is high, it means your SMS is reaching your target clients successfully. Low deliveries could be a result of spam filters, wrong numbers or data, network errors, or low quality in the message gateway network. You have a better understanding of your database quality by monitoring your text message delivery rate. Whenever the rate of your text message delivery is low, clear your list by deleting invalid contacts to ensure that your messages get delivered to clients.

How to Grow Your Text Blast List

Having an extensive list of subscribers is an integral part of every text-blasting campaign. But that doesn’t mean that growing your list should be the only goal. Having your growth be organic and by following SMS best practices guarantees not only success in the short term, but boosts your brand in image in the long term.

Ensure Your Audiences Opt-In in the Right Manner

Your clients must opt-in properly for your text blast marketing to work. Present your clients an easy and attractive way to join your text blast list they cannot resist, and always make sure it is as easy to opt out as to opt-in. This lets your users know that you are not trying to trap them but to provide value.

Provide Irresistible Offers

Provide your audience with irresistible offers and encourage them to join and develop your marketing campaign. Offering them a discount on your services or free products is an excellent guarantee of continued subscriptions.

Use Referrals

One of the best ways to develop your contact lists is by offering your customers incentives for referring your services to other people. Referrals are an amazing tool to have word-to-mouth organic growth leading to lifelong customers.

Best Practices in Using Text Blast Services

Using Textback’s easily customizable text blasting service means that your business has a lot of freedom and leeway when it comes to how you want to operate your campaign. However, that amount of customization leads businesses to make bad decisions that lead to their campaigns failing, To avoid your business facing the same, here are some of the tried and tested best text blasting services to use on your next campaign.

Have a Consistent Schedule

One of the best practices of using text marketing services is to be consistent with the number of messages you send to your audience. If you send a few SMS messages to avoid spamming, you risk losing your clients as they might lose interest if they hardly hear from you.

Personalize Your Messages

Your customers don’t want to receive messages sent by automation tools, aimed at a generalized audience. They instead prefer their SMS blasts to be personalized. Boost engagement by grouping clients based on their traits and integrating personalization into your marketing policy.

Why Textback is the Best Platform to Help You with Text Blast Services

Textback’s streamlined messaging solutions ensure your business reaches every single customer with ease. With our detailed post-launch analytic tools, adjust your campaign on the go and guarantee each text blast is more successful than before. Improve your marketing efforts, eliminate communication gaps, interact more with your clients, and boost your sales with Textback’s text blast services today!


How to Use Text Blast?

Using text blasts is incredibly easy and takes no time to set up. Create a contact list, upload your list to Textback’s SMS admin panel, then send your text blast to thousands of customers at once.

Is It Possible to Include Media Content in Text Blast?

Yes, text blasts support MMS as well as SMS. You can include media content like images, videos, and gifs.

How Long Can Text Blast Be?

Text message blast limits depend on the type of message you wish to send. If you are sending an SMS, your message can be 160 characters, but if you are sending an MMS message, it can be as long as 1,600 characters.

How Much Does Text Blasting Cost?

The cost of sending text blasts depends on the number of recipients and the type of message you want to send, MMS messages cost more than SMS blasts. To learn more about pricing and the best deals, contact us, and we will get your text blast service up in no time!