Sending party invitations through text is a cool way of inviting guests and organizing events. Today, the ability to create a text invite provides a great opportunity to grab the attention of your guests through personalized messages. Thanks to bulk SMS messaging platforms like, you can easily invite guests via text message.

Using paperless posts and online invitations is cheaper and eco-friendly compared to paper-based invitations. Mobile devices are indeed the preferred tools for online content consumption and communications. Almost everyone owns a phone that helps them keep up with communications, including text messages. In this post, you will learn how you can use text invites to send invitations to your guests.

Text Message Invitations

Regardless of whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower, invitations cover a very important part of these organizations. With the solutions offered by Textback, you can create invitations and send them directly to your guest’s cell phone or tablet.

Best of all, you can send invites online via any web browser of your choice on your mobile device or computer. What’s more, you can use party invitation templates to create invitations for a launch event, party, get-together, or occasion through text message.

Advantages of Sending Invitations Through Text Message

If you have a long guest list, you will find sending paper invitations expensive and cumbersome. Although you have the option of using email to send invites, they tend to be ignored. That is why you should consider the following advantages of sending event invites through text message.

Easy to Track

Submitting party or event invites through text message makes it easy to monitor how many invites you have made. Also, it becomes easier to track guests who reply to the invite, among other essential details. 


Forget the expensive traditional invitation designs with postage fees. Today, sending mass text invites is a smarter investment. Using, you can send hundreds of text messages at an affordable fee.

Fast and Reliable

A text message will not be lost inside the mail. You can schedule reminders ahead of the event to make sure your attendees always are up-to-date with your event’s date and time. 


There is a misconception that it is not possible to personalize a text invite with multiple guests. The truth is that you can use custom fields to make each invitation unique by adding the first or last names of the recipient in the message. That is how you can send personalized invites to friends and family in several clicks.


Like social media interactions, sending invites via text message is paperless. Even though paper invites may come with fancy invitation designs, they eventually end up in a landfill, which is not environmentally friendly.

How to Send Text Message Invitations Through Text Message

Do you have reservations about sending event invites via text message? Well, it is time you find out how easy it is to add guests and send text message invites through

Import the Guest List

Are you only inviting close friends to the event, or do you want to invite thousands of guests through text message? provides an easy way of uploading contacts in your address book.

Compose Your Message

Now that you have uploaded the contacts, the next thing you need to do is to compose your message. As you create the invitation, make sure you include information such as location, date, and parking details. MMS allows you even to add your photos to your invite.

Send Bulk Messages to Your Guests in One Click

With all the preparations complete, all that is left to do is just click “Send”. And that’s it! You’ve just sent hundreds of messages with just one click. SMS marketing is the surest and quickest way of reaching your audience. It is even more convenient than phone calls or sending emails. You can use Textback to send bulk SMS to your guests

What is an RSVP and How to Request It from Your Guests Through Text Message Invitation

Another thing to explore while sending text message invitations is what an RSVP, is and how to request it from your guests. RSVP is a French acronym for “repondez s’il vous plait” which means “please respond”. Responding via text message is very convenient for letting your guests inform you whether they will attend the event or not. This gets rid of the need for your guests to email or calls you. Keep in mind that whenever using RSVP, you should always provide an easy option for your guests to unsubscribe from notifications in the future.

At, you will get support for 2-way messaging. This means your guests can send their responses to your invites. As a result, it becomes easier to plan and manage the event. There are various ways to request RSVPs from your guests. These include:

  • Requesting guests to respond
  • Having a keyword for the event
  • Data collection to gather more details

Requesting Guests to Respond

Suppose you are inviting a few people, you can keep things by requesting them to respond to your invite. You can in return keep a list of those who confirm they will be attending the event. 

However, if you are sending invites for weddings, large events, or birthday parties, you will be better off using one of the following options.

Having a Keyword for the Event

A keyword allows your guests to receive updates about the event. The only thing they should do is text a specific keyword you’ve chosen. For instance, suppose you go by the name David and you want to throw a party at 60, you can come up with the keyword “DAVID60TH”.

Thus, anytime one of your guests text you using the keyword, Textback will include them in a different contact list. So, whenever you want to establish the number of confirmed guests, you only need to sign in to the platform to see who has confirmed attendance.

Data Collection to Gather More Details

If your guests wish to bring a plus one, then this is where the data collection option comes in. With it, you can request your guests to respond to your invite for extra details. For instance, you can request their name, if they want a vegan menu, their plus one’s name or anything else necessary.

Who Should You Invite through Text Messages?

The extreme flexibility of text message invites makes them ideal for various events. Regardless of whether you are hosting a formal dinner for colleagues, an informal birthday, a Halloween bash, or a bachelor party, text message invitations work like a charm. Once you establish the theme for the party and guest list, you now need to decide who you should invite and how to create the text message via an online bulk SMS provider.

Family and Friends

Celebrating birthdays with family and friends is one of the things most people look forward to. So, if you are considering a birthday party, sending an invitation via text message is a cool and fun way of notifying your loved ones about the event.

After deciding on the location, time, and date, you simply need to create the birthday party invitation message for your guest list. You can even include details like the dress code, donations to make instead of gifts, and an acceptable number of guests. Take note that you can easily gather RSVPs via text.

Work Colleagues and Customers

If you are organizing informal or formal dinner parties, sending invites through text message is a great way of organizing the event. As you plan for a huge informal dinner party, the use of a bulk online text messaging platform is much more beneficial. This allows you to segment the guest list, allowing you to respond to guests depending on the type of food. It is easy to ensure you have enough desserts, side dishes, entrées, and appetizers.

However, as you plan an elegant formal dinner party, you certainly need an accurate list of RSVPs. Thus, you can send personalized invitations for your formal dinner party as well as reminder updates to guests.

Halloween Party

Halloween stands out as one of the most popular holidays. Hosting a Halloween party can be fun, especially when you include food, games, and other activities. Inviting guests through text message is a nice way of ensuring important family and friends take part in this event.

For such holidays, you can send a text message that includes details such as costume requirements and special activities. A text invite makes communicating these details easy and quick. Besides, you can send updates in case of some changes in time, parking directions, or venue.

Text Message Invitation Templates for Different Occasions

Are you planning an event? It is possible to include all the necessary details in a text invite messages such as dress code, date, and time of the event. Below are some templates for sending invitations to popular occasions.

Graduation Party Invite Template

Graduation indicates the end of the journey of being a student. It is common for most people to have graduation parties to celebrate the end of this journey. Here is an invitation template for a graduation party.

  • Dear [RECIPIENT-NAME], I’ve just graduated! Let’s celebrate at [LOCATION] on [DATE], [TIME] with dancing and some drinks!

Baby Shower Invite Template

Apart from the birth of a child, a baby shower is arguably one of the most exciting events for a soon-to-be parent. Here is a quick template you can use to invite friends to your baby shower.

  • Is it a girl or a boy? Please join us on [DATE] from [TIME] for good laughs and food at [LOCATION] as we celebrate the arrival of Baby D. We will reveal gender during the event. If available, please respond.

Wedding Invite Template

Sending wedding invites does not make the invite any less important or formal. This allows you to gather responses. Here is the wedding invite template:

  • We invite you to [GROOM’S-NAME] and [BRIDE’S-NAME] wedding ceremonies on [DATE], [TIME]. Address: [VENUE]. Please respond and inform us about the number of guests you will tag along.

Send Invitations as MMS Messages

Multimedia Messaging Service, MMS, can be beneficial for almost any communication. If you are contemplating sending an invite SMS with your image, then the MMS feature at will help you accomplish this.

You may be wondering how does MMS benefit your business? In the modern age, MMS messaging is an essential tool for businesses. With MMS, your marketing and staff can send mass MMS messages with images, sound, and video files.

Since the messages are sent through a cellular network, your recipients do not need internet access to read these messages. What’s more, it makes video or image content more accessible to recipients with little effort.