Knowing what is an SMS notification and how to use it in your business is vital information many company owners ignore. Since SMS notifications rank as probably the most effective communication method with clients – despite other apps on today’s market – isn’t it time you learn more about it? Let’s discuss this communication channel in-depth, to help you turn it into a powerful tool for your brand.

What is an SMS Notification?

Firstly, SMS stands for ‘short message service’ and it’s been around since the 1990s. Despite some viewing it as ‘old school,’ it gained popularity over the years. Today, it’s a handy marketing tool and communication medium to share information, whether it’s for personal or professional use.

An SMS is a text message, sent to a mobile phone number. When the message reaches the recipient, a notification will appear on the screen – usually even in lock screen mode – notifying the user there’s a new message. So, with SMS marketing, there’s no chance a member of your target audience won’t be aware of your attempt to communicate.

SMS messaging can take place between mobile phones or from a marketing platform to the numbers on a contacts list. This is where services like come in handy. With mass texting options and automated messaging, you can reach a large group of clients, with minimal effort or time wasted on your part.

What Types of Businesses Can Use SMS Notifications?

SMS notifications can be beneficial for many businesses in almost any industry. For one thing, no matter who you’re dealing with – clients, partners, investors, or patients – chances are they regularly use cell phones on a daily basis.

When you send SMS notifications, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll see the SMS alerts and open them within a short period of time after receiving the SMS messages. After all, 98% of SMS text messages are eventually read, with 95% of this taking place within just 5 minutes of getting notifications.

Businesses in the e-commerce, retail, or banking sector, can all incorporate these notifications in their strategies. Even in the healthcare industry, there’s much to be said for using it to stay engaged with patients and deliver better care.

For use in both general communication and SMS marketing campaigns, the text message carries value.

Benefits of SMS Notifications

It’s worth creating a culture of using SMS text messages, and push notifications because you could be missing out on these advantages.

Better Reach

These days, most people have their mobile devices with them throughout the day. So, when you utilize SMS notifications, you can be sure most recipients will look at your message. They’ll also see it sooner than many other marketing messages, since most people look at their phones at least every two hours.

Easy Access

While digital marketing does have its place, your customers don’t need access to Wi-Fi to get your SMS messages about promotions or other vital text updates. More people may see the text messages than some website banners or social media ads you spend hours creating.

High Respond Rate

Modern consumers would actually prefer it if businesses send more messages via SMS. If you use it to keep them up to date on progress or promotions, they feel they’re kept in the loop. Response rates are higher because consumers would rather text than call your office. So, why not make it easy for them and make sure they can just hit “Reply”?

Boosting the Bottom Line

As a result of other benefits, your SMS messaging system can eventually have a positive effect on your revenue. When including it in your list of marketing channels, it becomes effective in generating leads, thanks to fast, direct communication, especially when using a personalized approach.

What is the Importance of SMS Notifications?

To manage a business effectively, you must be relevant to your target audience. And in the current market, if you’re not using mobile phone-based marketing, you may be at risk. You should use it as part of your methods to inform, market, and engage, or you’re losing out on a large piece of the market share in your industry.

There are over 6 billion smartphone users in the world, and that figure can reach over 7 billion in 2024. The use of a mobile phone is simply too common in today’s society to ignore when creating business plans and marketing campaigns.

Apart from initiating communication with text messages, you’re also very likely to benefit from it in the long term. For example, in the retail industry, as much as half of the consumers who respond to one of your SMS messages will turn into customers who commit to a sale.

Even with email marketing, you send messages in the hope of someone opening an app or checking their inbox and that your message doesn’t end up in the “Spam” folder.

By using personalized messages, as is possible with the services that provides, you can even improve your customer relationships. This personal angle can spark an emotional connection with your brand, which builds trust and loyalty to your business.

Finally, it’s affordable, quick, and easy to use, empowering you to stay engaged with your subscribers, customers, or users, even in real-time. SMS notifications are a smart, time-saving, and cost-efficient channel to use with customers.

Here are Some Examples of SMS Notifications

Some SMS notification suggestions you can use include but aren’t limited to:

  • Updates on orders
  • ETAs for transportation services
  • Messages with OTPs as verification
  • Informational messages about your services or products, with a link to additional relevant information
  • Notifications if there’s a new review or inquiry from a customer

Of course, as with other channels you use for communication or marketing, how you use it also affects its efficiency. With SMS marketing, you want high response rates and ensure yours gets noticed rather than some other text message from a competitor. To ensure this, keep SMS messages as short as possible and personalize them to spark more engagement.

These SMS marketing best practices and communication examples will give you an idea of the efficient use of this great channel:

  • Hi Paul. Thanks for booking your room at The Gardens Hotel for 7 October. You can book in from 10 am. For queries, contact us on xxx-xxxx.
  • Only 4 days to go until the RED DOT SALE at Barney’s. 30% off on all marked items. Visit to view our range.
  • Dear Sandra, your order is boxed and on its way. Tracking number for our shipping partner xxxxxx.

What’s the Difference Between SMS Notifications and Push Notifications?

Although push messages and SMS contain text messaging, they have different sources on a user’s mobile device.

  • SMS Notification: A mobile device owner receives a text message sent to their mobile number. SMS notifications can appear on any mobile device since they all have the capability to receive SMS messages.
  • Push Notifications: These relate to an app that a mobile device user needs to download first before being able to receive the message. The user doesn’t need to have the app open on the device in order for the push notification to appear.

They differ in terms of visibility since a push notification often disappears after a user viewed it. The user may even accidentally close it. This makes it easy for communication to get lost or forgotten. In contrast, an SMS stays in a person’s message inbox until it’s deleted.

Note that you need to give the necessary permission to use SMS as a communication method with someone. Privacy laws in many countries require people to opt-in before you can add them to your text messaging contact list.

How SMS Notifications Support Business Growth

Various aspects of using message notifications can help your business grow. It starts with the fact that it’s an affordable marketing tool, which even small businesses can afford. And since vendors like offers free trials, a startup often doesn’t even have to spend anything to start getting returns.

Without paying a lot of money, with text messaging you have an effective tool to reach and engage an audience, in order to obtain more leads. By putting your information in their hands regularly – much easier than when using email – you’re becoming a more recognizable brand. Thanks to the proven high engagement rate of customers after they receive notifications, you can bargain on turning leads into committed customers.

If you prioritize SMS messaging and use automated services, your brand will also seem very accessible. Of course, you should combine this with other marketing tools like your website, app, and social media channels. What you need to keep in mind is that you need multichannel approaches for optimal outcomes. In other words, you can reach your customers, and advertise your brand by utilizing both conventional and modern strategies. 

How Textback Can Help You with SMS Notification Service

In light of how important it is to use SMS notifications, is it time to upgrade your infrastructure regarding this communication medium? makes it easy for companies to get maximum returns, with minimal effort to you.

Our professionals can assist you with 2-way conversations to improve communications with your team, your customers, or leads. Mass texting simplifies reaching most of your audience. With automated messaging or a few clicks of a button, your important SMS can reach hundreds or thousands of individuals. Tracking results are vital in order to confirm success and improve outcomes. This is why we enable live analytics and offer enterprise-level tracking.

So, why not try a free trial? Plan your first SMS notification services with Textback to start benefiting more from SMS marketing campaigns.